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Palestinian National Authority

The visit to Jerusalem of Tony Blair has been a success of multilateral diplomacy in the eyes of the Quartet, comprising the United States, the European Union, Russia and United Nations. However, most international political analysts estimates that the former British Prime Minister has been limited to start-up the obsolete operating back to start. During their interviews with the head of the israeli Government, the cynical Mr. Blair has managed to start ambiguous promises on the establishment of a new framework for Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab consultations. According to Hebrews politicians, the structure should be divided into three blocks: political issues, security issues and economic aspects of bilateral relations between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). However, Benjamin Netanyahu left no clear whether it intended to resume political contacts with the Cabinet of the PNA, which has the support of Washington and the European Union, or not even if supported the choice of two States referred to the Obama administration.

In a videoconference with members of the American Jewish lobby (AIPAC), the first Hebrew Minister pointed out that Israel is ready to resume bilateral consultations without delay and without preconditions. He added, however, that both parties will present their respective positions, leaving open the door for discussion. Netanyahu’s strategy resembles the stratagem of the labour Ehud Barak, that he devoted himself for months to present and archived proposals without leave nothing in clean and with the proliferation of illegal settlements in the West Bank. Or perhaps, Yes; the emissaries of Tel Aviv in Taba presented an equitable peace plan, drawn up following the resignation of the Labour Cabinet, when the documents had no validity or binding. Security issues will be addressed in the presence of general Keith Dayton, Special Envoy of the White House. Jordanian police and intelligence services chiefs will attend to the encounters between Palestinians and Israelis.

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