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Physical Education

In if treating to the drawing ' ' The Cave of the Drago' ' , it has that to stand out the presence of a feminine personage warlike black. Although he presents characters of its tribal ancestry, as crespos clothes and hair, the personage also enhances the estereotipados traces of beauty: esguia, lean, of chests and avantajados ndegas, fine belly enxuta and cinturinha, such which kept mooilas European with its suffocating corsets at other times and that, currently, it configures? logically that for other ways, methods and technologies? the commercialized standard of feminine beauty in passarelas of the entire world. The characterization of the feminine one turns around one ' ' ethos of telenovela' ' (Seiter, 1995, P. 184). Drawings of the decade of 80 directed the girls, already ' ' they took by emprstimo' ' of folhetins feminine and the soap operas the elements for the construction of the personages. The infantile heroines continued, then, being valued when strengtheing, modest, capable to win ' ' mal' ' by means of the feelings? not by means of technological weapons or innovations? to pardon the next one: ' ' all the infantile heroines (…) possess common-sense of the therapists and the bravery Dos Santos. (…) The girls are always of the side of anjos' ' (they idem, P.

179-180). (DIONSIO, 2006, P. 4) This drawing also inclua an infantile personage, a boy of more or less ten years of age, warrior, fort, muscular, blond. This age an attempt to still more attract the infantile public for that one esteretipo, therefore, in accordance with the drawing, also the children can have bodies ' ' sarados' '. However, the Physical Education such which is studied today defends that all human being, but mainly for the beautiful children, perfect bodies is the healthful bodies, not shaped them artificially. It is logical that to that personage (the Bob), she was necessary to develop physical abilities that guaranteed its defense and survival in that so adverse and hostile environment.

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