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A House of the natural building material brick prepares its inhabitants a life long pleasure. Because bricks form the backbone of the building stock indefinitely due to quality and value retention. (tdx) Once the decision to build his own House, has taken you would prefer tomorrow move: buy land, choose House type and floor plan, hire architects and construction company immediately the first steps are taken, as soon as possible to realize the dream of homeownership. The planning on a home run out, which later becomes the Habitat with much comfort, is the choice of the correct building material of the utmost importance. This decision should fall not difficult: A solid brick house offers maximum freedom in the layout and creates optimal energetic and climatic conditions, which convey warmth and comfort your family more than a life.

In winter warm, in the summer cool at the natural building material brick is the thermal insulation built”: thanks to numerous bars and air chambers he is by nature very high heat insulation on. The heat remains so in winter indoors, while heat in the summer after outside is banned. Who would like to realize a low-energy or even passive house, which my brick house experts recommend”the plan brick MZ7 and MZ8. They are also filled with the proven insulating material rock wool and thus offer an improved thermal insulation for the exterior wall. To meet the requirements on energy-efficient building at standard wall thickness. Residential healthy room climate brick make not only for optimum thermal insulation, but also for a pleasant indoor climate: finest capillary structures is recorded and dryness after returned when excess moisture from the air. Thus arises a balanced indoor climate, which is not least due to the ecological quality of the material to around the clock. The brick will be exclusively from natural raw materials produced and considered to be free of allergens.

Massive exterior and interior walls of brick provide also for a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, and as the real noise Fellows because they effectively prevent the propagation of sound waves”function. “Open living room design brick as the all-ceramic TS square of my brick house” are also characterized by stability and load-bearing capacity. “The sturdy brick emerged from an earthquake research and offers high security for load-bearing walls and thus opens up new possibilities for the design of the layout: thanks to the map tile less supporting interior walls must be included in the plan and the builders can E.g. According to Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City, who has experience with these questions. the dream of hottest open living” easier to realize. Fast and secure processing so that the new home meets later all demands in heat, noise and fire protection, will have its individual components, the tiles correctly. This is guaranteed by the use of a special Mortar roller with the Mason of the MZ series of my brick house plan brick”can build quickly, accurately and safely: it filled it the roller first mortar stirred to and then pulls it over the tile. So the mortar, which emerges from the roller below is applied consistently and millimeter-thin on the tile, where it connects with the Rails to a fully airtight layer. Compared to the mortar commissioned by hand the artisans saves time and material, which in turn relieves the purse of construction family up to one-third. Tanja EST

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