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ANALYSIS OF COMPETITION ELSA EMBOTELLADORA Embotelladora Latinoamericana jalan SA (ELSA) has as its object the carrying melaka out taman of activities related to kuantan manufacturing and sales of beverages in general (preparation, bottling, transport and marketing). ELSA is the largest soft drink bottler in the Philippines and has exclusive license from jawatan kosong The Coca Cola Company to bottle, distribute and sell various brands among which are: Coca Cola, Cola Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, nectarine and Nusta and in parts of Peru, trademarks and Inca Kola sarawak Inca johor Kola3 Diet. It also sells his own brand ELSA purified water San Antonio and St. Louis and brand Kola Inglesa. Empresa4es The objective of consolidating its market position as the kancil leading bottler, distributor and marketer of soft drinks and table waters, seeking to maximize its profitability in the medium and long term. To do this, their activities are focusing on: i) launching of kelantan new products and packaging ii) increasing per capita consumption of soft drinks and, iii) improve its cost structure and expenses. The following is a SWOT analysis carried out of terengganu the Bottling: Strengths and Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats Home bottler nationwide. Low liquidity indicators of kota kinabalu the presence and action in the stock market strong presence of its products on the market at a national level. ‘Sector Solid langkawi support price sensitive low debt equity. Loyalty to brands it sells. Fusion with JRLindley that will allow synergies and cost savings. TheCoca exclusive license Cola Company to bottle, distribute and venderCoca-Cola and other perodua brands INDUSTRIES Ananas family company founded in 1988 in the department of klang Ayacucho, Peru, in order to engage in the elaboration and distribution of selangor soft drinks and table waters. After successfully expand into the interior of the country, in 1997 the company shah alam decided to compete at the Lima market using a successful strategy of quality at low prices. The company has plants strategically located in Lima, Huaura, Sullana, Trujillo and Arequipa (7 plants in total) to supply the Peruvian market and three abroad in Valencia (Venezuela), Puebla (Mexico) and Machala in Ecuador. The company manages brands are Kola Real, Golden Taste, kedah Plus Cola brand soda and water table Broken.

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