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Price Reduction For Group Travel To Viet Nam In November By Subsequent Negotiations

Now cheaper on tour of Viet Nam begins in the group from Hanoi to Saigon thanks to discount with a nonstop from Frankfurt with Viet Nam the new tour by the Asia specialists Olaf Diroll airlines in the capital city of Hanoi on the 9th, 2009. The proposed travel prize has been reduced again by subsequent negotiations. Entry through customs and passport control accompanied the travel professional to its participants, and she leads the way to the 1st tour Hotel in Hanoi. Under the motto \”Land and people get to know\” a study tour of the loose way with the offered peaceful Hanoi including Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, overnight in the Halong Bay with a four-hour boat ride and onward to the old imperial city of hue. There, the group taking a boat trip on the perfume River to the tomb of the emperor. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City does not necessarily agree.

By mountainous landscapes with spectacular views, it goes over the Hai Van pass along the coast to the China Sea until to Hoi an, where you the old town of Hoi an, discovered his small colourful and full of shops and craft enterprises are. The connoisseur of Viet Nam and Far East specialist Olaf Diroll was 2008 for 6 weeks in Viet Nam with the lifestyle and habits of the locals know and appreciate. A strong local knowledge and good tips on site will be certainly useful to tour guests. Particularly Olaf Diroll is looking forward to a nice evening in Hoi an, to order a traditional fondue Vietnamese style in one of the nice little restaurants along the river. This food we felt as typical, was romantic and beautiful in discreet lantern lighting during our last trip, so the connoisseurs of Viet Nam. From Danang fly further in the bustling Saigon in South of Vietnam. Itinerary for this trip by Viet Nam: day 1: 10.11.09 Hanoi arrival in Hanoi with Viet Nam airlines at 06:35 pm local time.

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