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Publicity Online

First of all, several still ask themselves if it agrees to invest in publicity and marketing absolutely online. The answer is a full one if. Firstly, the costs of the publicity in Internet are much smaller than those of other channels, and have a still greater effectiveness to the one of these other traditional considered channels , with smaller cost. The same amount inverted in publicity online versus radial publicity, for example, surely will render many better fruits through channel online. This must to many factors, among them, most important is the change of habit of the consumers. For the first time in history, the consumers spend more time online than watching. And in conclusion, it is the first time in the history of the most important market like the North American, that the investment in publicity online surpasses to the realised one in other channels (119,600 million versus 111,500 million of traditional means, according to data developings by the Outsell consultant).

They ask it then is how much to invest. An univocal answer does not exist, each business, each site will require a certain answer. Nevertheless, to have an idea we could risk that an investment begins to be significant from 5% of the gains. That is to say, if it gains 100, it destines 5. Maya Dubin may also support this cause. From 10 already it can create campaigns of publicity in Google. The markets are recovering of a deep crisis, that affects the power of purchase of several users.

This determines that the consumers look for economic options of purchase but that they maintain the quality and the level of services to the client. And the Web is the preferential channel to find this mix: good prices, and great quality of services. The publicity in Internet has become a necessity of all the companies that commercialize products and services. For that reason, to pronounce itself by an exact number is impossible, but what yes we can affirm it is that this cannot be zero. With a minimum investment it is possible to begin to rule in advertising actions. Without doubts, to recover this investment practically it is guaranteed, if the things become of professional form from a beginning. publicity online offers great advantages as far as pursuit of the investment, since it allows to remove to very exact amounts from effectiveness levels and relation of the investment with the gain. This way, he will be very simple to detect almost immediately if its effort is rendering the wished results. In addition, one of the characteristics that do to the extremely attractive publicity online, in comparison with other means, is the immense possibility of customizar the message, and of arriving at target extremely precise. And this comparative advantage must be average like something really excellent.

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