Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Retired Professor

This trust is the Guide for the risk, to test new paths and possibilities; to see alternatives under the circumstances that the majority don’t see output; to use the intelligence to follow later but don’t have all the answers. These is the feature that makes that being be expressed in land unknown with faith and disposition of success. When you trust in what is, justifications or explanations are not needed to be accepted. When differences of opinion arise, trusting one makes that the criticisms are accepted and used them for growth. Self-esteem makes us live coherently and impels us to make effort necessary so that our words and deeds have a same meaning. Although the autoestimado like talk, their acts will speak for him much or more than their words.

You don’t want to betray and is striving to combat and overcome its internal contradictions. In families that are formed and developed with a healthy self-esteem, the form of operation of its members has particular features. In this group context, the rules are clear, its members adopt them as a beacon of sea to pass with certainty by the waters of life, although they are willing to review them and even to modify them if anything these come to be outdated and no longer guide them to safe harbor. Parameters are not followed automatically, just by the fact that grandparents or uncles as well have done it. There is provision to find what suits the needs of all members. In the field of self-esteem is accepted the spontaneous although el capricho is undesirable. Life is seen as a very special opportunity to not leave it in the hands of fate.

This vision is derived from a respect for reason, knowledge and certainty. Who walks from the hands of self-love, not play with it and therefore appreciates the time as non-renewable resource that is. Who is respected search, without compulsions, achieve a minimum control of its existence and for that usa his intelligence and capacity of discernment, relying on achieve their goals at the lowest cost. Behold, the consciousness of effectiveness of self-esteem. Autonomy has to do with the independence to think, decide and act; with move in existence according to beliefs, convictions, rather than as criteria monitoring of the rate of those who surround us. You can not live to satisfy expectations of friends, relatives or borrowed ideologies, while something within us shouts disagreed and requested a change of direction. The autoestimado finds and manages to listen, learn, go and fight their own battles confident that sooner or later will win them. Not leaning on the approval, but they look inward where are beating their authentic needs, without neglecting what the world can offer you. When someone has confidence in itself, it is able to define objectives chart a course, initiate action to achieve those goals, and also develop the capacity for the sustained effort, the conviction that sooner or later will be the realized dream. Perseverance is why feature clear of the autoestimada person, for whom the frustrating events are surmountable tests from their consciousness creativa(Renny Yagosesky) * annotations of organizational behavior, virtual classroom program of postgraduate, specialty quality and productivity management, Universidad de Carabobo. * Retired Professor, program coordinator quality and management productivity original author and source of the article.

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