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Small Bathrooms New Look

You must compromise often free tips for the bathroom renovation by the professional in the design of bathrooms for families with children, especially in small bathrooms in the renovation. To do justice to this fact, you have to usually a tighter”arrangement of sanitary objects select. The disadvantage of the restricted movement of parents, is balanced by the child-appropriate placement of objects. The ceramic industry has prepared and offered appropriate sanitary parts. In the following example bath, the shower occupies the largest square. Educate yourself with thoughts from Vanessa Morgan. It is floor fitted and fully transparent through the glass partition walls, so that no optical overload takes place. A bottleneck which is lightened by a large mirror and a base due to the arrangement inevitably to the double washbasin. In the back of toilet and bidet in an opposite axis has been arranged.

This symmetry is back on in the shower and vanity area and a distribution reach in 3, the greater impact the bath can. The impression in the Middle Area with shower and washbasin, is through the use of supporting dark blue wall tiles and mosaic tape. On the walls, uni white wall tiles are installed to highlight the middle section and to neutralize the area of the wall. Based on this example you can see that a great effect can be achieved even in small spaces. Norbert Dobler / owner of bad stark figures (www.bad-starkgestalten.de)

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