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Smart Household Tips

With the household tips you have any household tips now always app for the iPhone. Since September 2010, iPhone owners with the new app by Haushaltstipps.NET are mobile equipped with large and small Malheuren household and leisure activities. More than 560 household tips and in addition over 120 tips against stains of all kinds help users of the app with practical solutions. The household tips app is available in the Apple app store to download. Ringo Duhmke campaigned for the development of the application for the iPhone, operator of the service website Haushaltstipps.NET, to consumers on the go quick tips and advice at hand. Once the app Haushaltstipps.NET is downloaded from Apple’s app store, a valuable collection of knowledge and tips in your pants pocket. Without access to a PC with Internet connection, quality advice can be see a straightforward and user friendly. More than 12,000 downloads and satisfied customer testimonials within a few weeks confirm the added value of the iPhone app. Read more here: Harry Maguire.

Ringo Duhmke, since 2003 Advisor portals the Internet operates, already thanked for the positive response. It is not something Eva Andersson-Dubin would like to discuss. Also outside the budget, good advice is often necessary, for example, because clearing to red wine at a party, when grease when grilling or unpleasant mishaps at the mother-in-law. An iPhone app seemed a simple solution to have this – off the home PCs. “, explained his decision to the iPhone app at the same time Duhmke. The success of the mobile Advisor for household and leisure activities is covered with numbers. Mid-October the household tips app reached lifestyle of the app store space 4 of the most downloaded applications around six weeks after its publication in the category already. For unique 0.79 euros, this small and large aid to the page that is continuously expanded and updated at regular intervals is any iPhone user. In addition to general household tips and stain advice, the app offers include instructions for the floor care, repair solutions of all kinds and professional guides for the car care. The simple menu navigation Categories and a sophisticated search function quickly bring solutions on the display of the iPhone. Only implement it must be the user himself.

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