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Spice Paella

It is then poured to the paella with the stock and thus will provide the specific flavor of baquetes (snails) of mountain. Very important, only use products recommended in the recipe; insist on entrenched thinking of those great cooks when they said.-La Paella valenciana, is not about cramming the container of incongruous ingredients, or Caliphate, paella is already invented and its components are those that are, and therefore does not require the whims of inexperienced cooks unchanged.-1.-rice and didactic components: designation of Valencia rice are preferable Senia or pump varieties, (grain short or medium). Never use long grain rice, because it absorbs less broth and it isn’t so happy. 2 Fire (currently gas diffusers): must cover the rear base of the paella. Requires a special utensil consisting of several concentric rings drilled to allow the gas to escape and form small flames that warm up equally the paella in all its back surface.

3.-Container: always a paella will be used to develop this select gastronomic delicacy. Paella sense was defined in the old Marjalena raval, maneco (paella without handle), metaphorically, those who cook with our ancestral recipe, always have the frying pan caught by the handle., (for 4 persons) ingredients: 500 gr. of chicken 500 gr. of rabbit 250 gr.

bajoca (wide green beans) 200 gr. of receta (wide white beans) 100 gr. of tavella 100 gr. of tomato 400 Gr. of rice 100 CC. Saffron olive or yellow food dye salt paprika colorado water, oil (we want to break a myth, by analyses, we are able to ensure that all the drinking waters, are good for) Spice up the paella). Romero’s infusion. (Do not put as the sprig of Rosemary in the Paella, made vulgar, and their blades are bothered by the good gourmet). Note: La Parreta, was distinguished with the title and Medal of the centenary of the Chamber of Commerce, industry and navigation of Valencia (1886-1986).

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