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Sustainable Development

Crushing equipment (jaw breakers, combination crusher) is widely used in the processing of various metals, non-metallic ore material and construction materials. Crushing operations will consume huge amounts of energy when the crusher is in working condition, which is caused by the sound, heat and vibration during the operation. Therefore, some insiders have been studying how to achieve energy saving and how to efficiently complete the crushing process over the years. The research includes theoretical research to upgrade the devices (including the transformation of the old equipment) and the change of the production process. The current research of broken theory, broken process and crushing equipment focuses on the research of energy-saving and high efficiency in the crushing process theory; spares no efforts to find out new theory to make a breakthrough of the three crushing theories that people are familiar with; researches the high efficiency of non mechanical force or the crushing equipment driven by the combined effects of more force fields. The industrial equipment has not appeared and it is just in research stage.

Improving the existing equipment is on the basis of the needs of customers.Due to the slow development of foreign mines since the 1980s, the studies above mentioned do not make great progress; While the domestic state-owned large-scale mines do not make improvement, either, because of the little investment. The small and medium-sized mines have developed to some extent due to the different demand for the raw materials in recent years. Mining machinery industry is an integration of technology, capital and labor. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Atreides Management Gavin Baker and gain more knowledge.. In recent years, with the development of the mining machinery industry, the growing market scale and the increasing efforts to strengthen infrastructure, mining machinery industry faces more serious challenge and higher requirements. The twelfth five-year period is a critical period for China s economic growth and transformation. How to achieve the transformation of the mode of production through the development of low-carbon economy has become a common concern of the community. In addition, we need to take environmental factors into account. The traditional mining machinery such as crusher, sand making machine far from meeting the requirements of the air quality at this stage. Technical upgrading and innovation is the only way to realize long-term sustainable development.

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