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T Cuento Present At The Salon MPV De Paris

T cuento present at the Salon MPV de Paris with stand, talk and nomination for the POPAI Award from 27 to 29 March taking place in Paris, Porte de Versailles, the XX Edition of the fair MPV – Salon marketing point de vente instead. The recurring biennial exhibition revolves around all aspects of commercial marketing and is the International Association for marketing at retail”POPAI organized. The fair includes five categories of exhibitors: commercial furniture, shop design, digital signage and mobile marketing, and marketing materials and marketing services. T Cuento France will be exhibiting in the category of marketing services on-site and present its products on its stand with the number 8, response D. T cuento participates in this year’s Edition of the MPV, to introduce the application of analysis software TC store Analytics to exhibitors and visitors, because they studied the effectiveness of marketing campaigns at the point of sale, the attractiveness of the storefront design, hot visited spots, as well as less loading zones and even the performance of the Employees or the still untapped potential of a business. With the same aim Romain Baseilhac is country Manager for T-cuento France, on Wednesday March 28 from 11:00 to 11:45 at a Conference on the theme “retail intelligence: how to measure marketing activities at the point of sale” refer to. In this lecture, Mr.

Baseilhac will speak using examples and case studies in detail about it, how important it is to know how the traffic (how many pass, how many come in, how long are they and when exactly, where run along, etc.) to be able to assess results of the marketing activities and perform strategic improvements to a business. A further event in the frame of the exhibition is the annual POPAI award, organized by the homonymous International Association for marketing at the point of sale POPAI France. Here over 300 participants with innovative products are present including also the person counting doormat SmartyMat T-cuento. All visitors who want to convince by their function, T-cuento France demonstrate a SmartyMat at its booth.

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