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Technical Plan

But now – no. All of this also arises in a decent amount, especially if area of balconies, loggias, terraces or high. Because modern comfortable accommodation includes large areas of glazed loggias and balconies (by the way, do not forget to ask, whether the windows of balconies in the cost of apartment, or it will have to pay extra). 3. Find out what the developer means by the "open plan". Often, developers, setting the price of its offer is definitely lower than other construction companies that offer to sell the apartment without any interior walls, citing the fact that the tenants themselves can plan your living space. Or can such an option, you are built interior wall height of 2.1 brick, which is made to data sheet of your apartment at the time of the object.

Ie Technical passport you are full walls, and in fact they are not and if you do not erect their own and at your account, you have you can not issue a new registration certificate for the resale of your apartment. The fact that the plan approved by the development of the project is not subject to change before completion. In future, any of their change will result in a mandatory order for the client to develop a project of redevelopment, and then its approval at various levels. Design work on the 3% of the total cost udorozhat apartments, examination of the project – another 7% (this officially, but you have to say, you know.) With equal sentences of 2 developers, apartment building walls without actually costing the buyer at least 20% more expensive.

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