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The Development Of Tours In Spain

Spain focuses primarily on the mass beach tourism is one of the major tourist centers in the world. Ken Singleton is likely to agree. The rapid growth of tourism in Spain experienced after the Second World War. Maya Dubin, New York Citys opinions are not widely known. Thus, the number of tourists increased from 3 million in 1950 to 34.3 million in 1990, tourism development is concentrated on the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands. Atlantic coast of Spain is relatively little developed for tourism. Belonging to Spain Canary Islands are located further south and so many tourists come here in winter, to spend their vacation on the beach. In the period between the first and second world wars, Spain was not attracted tourists since the country was poor, with destroyed after the Civil War 1936 – 1939 gg. economy. At this time, the main tourist centers were Italy, French Riviera and the Alps.

In the early 50s the first wave of auto tourists arrived from France coast of Costa Brava. Tourism began to develop rapidly, and the number of tourists in 1959 amounted to 4.19 million people. During this period, the Spanish government recognized the role that could play in the development of tourism sector national economy, and the beginning of a policy to promote it in different ways, for example, to issue a loan for the construction of hotels. In 1959, at the same time opened the economy to foreign investment and devalued the national currency (Peseta), which Spain has become more attractive tourist center than the coast of Italy and France. A private sector responded quickly the Spanish economy, and in the early 60s to Mediterranean coast, were built new hotels, apartments and villas with no common planning and coordination of policies.

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