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The Experience

So in other words, for the constructive application decide which has the moment for me. A Yes in this case means to connect me with that of my own primal force, to open me for the experience of oneness and a no is saying my decision about being separated as such. What as said certainly, both are equally legitimate, both coming a self-awareness, so is our free will. Differ they do just this, and it is only relevant in our special event for us by the Wahrscheinlichkeit that we experience a God experience attending a conscious unity, if we decide for a Yes, at least subjectively considered is greater. Robert A. Iger often says this. If we so we encounter cheap tuned moment this, I call this moment, can we make us use the same, by we us willfully and deliberately go into in this river. By we decide for the Yes and give us back the given in awareness about that zusammenlaufen now all threads, all streams here at this place and at this moment, we experience the intensity to be exactly there and to take up the space, which provides life for us. A verschmelzung of the past with the present and the future, a good blend of our present will an immerbestehenden universal spirit, is what joins us in unity and lets us learn eternity in a moment. It is as if our spiritual fingerprint in the boundless universal database file is queried, and at this moment we experience an identification, total conformity, congruence with our true being on all levels.

We are in the right place at the right time and everything makes sense suddenly 2004.2. So, we experience the enchanted moment that makes us feel the oneness with everything and us gives also the immediate experience, that all forces are we serving to page and that the just experienced scenarios are a divine perfect spectacle for the benefit of ourselves. A supportive combination of forces to achieve our individual, close to the goal and ultimately achieving the seemingly slightly more distant goal of all, the development of kollektive. The moment is nothing more than the everlasting grace of divine guidance, which is to recognize in some moments with more intensity and uniqueness.

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