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The Feuerhex DVD Into Bookstores Available

The Feuerhex DVD 4280000138019 Feuerhex now has a GLN number… The first medieval musical on the founding history of Munich comes back! And not only live (next performance Monday, may 18, 2009 performances at 9.30 am school screenings) / 14:00 Uhr / 20:00 Luitpoldhalle Freising, at the Festival “Boundless”.) It’s also in the bookstores. The Feuerhex DVD got now a GLN number (4280000138019) and is available already via amazon.de, eBay.de and in the next few days in normal bookstores! The history of Munich shows information at in an elaborate multimedia presentation. Medieval music with rock and lyrical elements underscored the dramatic and evil love story of Rosa (Martina Kronauer, soprano), heilkundige herb Gatherer from Geirchingen, and Reinmarus (Christian Bauer, tenor), a talented stonemason from Freising. The heart of Bavarian history tells of the origins of Munich from the time of the conflict between Freising and Duke Heinrich of Lions. The drama: nightmare scenario in the ISAR: three women are hunted by the mob, one carries a newborn child in her arms. It is snatched away from her, before burning the women at stake.

To write the year 1156. It is on the market at Fehring. The Pruckhay collected by visiting merchants bridge toll. More information is housed here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Jugglers, musicians, traveling monks and colorful folk enliven the square in front of the ISAR bridge belonging to the Bishop of Freising. Rosa (Martina Kronauer), heilkundige herb gatherer of Geirchingen, and the talented Freising Mason of Reinmarus (Christian Bauer) feel a deep love for one another. Reinmarus sounds of wonder things of early Gothic in France, of new cathedrals and polyphonic music. So much new plunged into great self doubt.

A Pact allows him the creation of equal works of art with the devil. But he must sacrifice for his desire and his love for pink. By the devil driven (Tobias Mulholland Herrin, tenor) edited Reinmarus the stone from which the Freising beast pillar will be. Rosa is fighting for her love and she loses, and loses her life on the stake, which it once was snatched as an infant.

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