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The Harley Facotory Frankfurt Blog Is Online!

Since the 31ten Augbust 2011, the blog is the online Harley-factory Frankfurt. Get information about the products from Harley Davidson and more. The Harley-factory Frankfurt is one of three sites, one of the largest Harley-Davidson dealer in Germany. Not only motorbikes are sold here. Also equipment, custom components and accessories are offered here.

To keep the customers always up to date regarding new products and news about Harley Davidson, the Harley Factory has set up a blog. That certain something: Probably no one who ever at the Harley factory visit was will claim that the employees only concerned sales. Management insists most, that the climate is always true. First of all, as a customer or visitor, one is impressed by the architecture of the building. The high building made of brick in combination with a large glass front earned in any case”the factory attribute. You will feel transported back immediately at the time of industrialization. Also the Special presentation offers an eye-catcher at the time.

There probably never get bored. Harley Davidson fans and the Harley-factory Frankfurt: As in the music product, such as the motorcycles from Harley Davidson, the fan in the Center for the companies is a lifestyle. She suggests at least himself, if one looks at the offer of the Harley factory. There are in addition to a cafe, which is integrated into the store, a number of events that are used solely for the purpose to deal with Harley fans. For example, there is an open day, with great custom bikes and American classics, or a customer exit annually. “To give anyone the opportunity to show its sympathy for this brand, which offers Harley-factory Frankfurt not only motorbikes, but also a variety of garments and accessories, all the logo Harley Davidson” wear. Here there is products for the large and also a small purse.

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