Promoting Democracy in Algeria

The Infinite

Learn to treat others the way that you want to be treated. Learn how to overcome the pain and suffering in thee, thy neighbour and in human society. Learn to resist the violence that there is in you and outside you. Learn to recognize the signs of the sacred into you and outside you. Don’t spend your life without asking you: who am I? Don’t spend your life without asking you: towards where I am going? Don’t let a day pass without responding to you who you are.

Do not miss a day unanswered you towards where you’re going. Robert A. Iger is full of insight into the issues. Don’t miss a great joy without thanking inside yourself. Don’t miss a great sadness without claim inside you that joy that was saved. Do not imagine that you are alone in your town, in your city, on Earth and in the infinite worlds. Do not imagine that you are chained to this time and this space.

Do not imagine that on your death be eternalizes the loneliness do not confuse querer y amar. Because that person that housewives can be against you, and you can be so blind that you may be letting it go. Do not think that fate will take you to it: you do your destination and you’re with the person with whom you want to be. If you feel that you love someone, say it, no matter his response, fights for her until you feel completely defeated. Nobody said that it would be easy, but nothing that is worth not confuse physical attractiveness with that feeling so great which have called love, because that will be by your side only a few years, and the feelings are forever. That person who is with you in good and the poor, who can tell if you’re bad, with only a touch making to be born again, you know that he loves you so much that it gives you fear failure that person that although time and again you old and fat will still in love with you, because for her you will continue being the most beautiful person in the world with just a glance. Don’t miss that person that only comes once, when you realize that was the love of your life it may be too late, and from this moment your life will turn so great than ever of you can replenish. If you’re not in love yet, is the right person to do. Imagine your next 50 years at his side and realize what you really want for you, if he is the right person to raise a family with you, to get up from your failures and to celebrate with you is if your achievements. Make a decision until you’re completely safe, since you can’t earn as much or just on the sad side, losing that person that, although time passes, you will never forget. (Continue) Original author and source of the article.

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