Promoting Democracy in Algeria

The Nordestino

The author followed memories of famous men and folloied lives of men without fame. Of a side, stacks of images and texts defining which are the good uses and customs of a north-eastern man; of another side, all those apanhados in instants of ' ' bad costumes' ' , sides that if change, if cross, if they shuffle. With effect, we go of a discursiva and superficial form to give visibility to some steps of the author in its book. It then would start for analyzing the speeches of Freyre and a series of other intellectuals who saw in the society of the time a feminizao, a horizontalizao where the space, social and in such a way cultural borders between ' ' TO BE MAN and BEING MULHER' ' they were seen as natural/biological; this ' ' caracterstica' ' it would be if losing, something seen by these extremely negative intellectuals as. Thus with these estimated the traditionalistic speeches &#039 had created of certain forms one esteretipo of a regional type; ' The Nordestino' ' that for they would be capable to save the society through its force, virility, bravery honor, of the such problems brought according to them with the economic, cultural and social Republic and its changes. But Durval leaves clearly that beyond criticizing this idea &#039 would be necessary to understand which; ' sociedade' ' she would be this in danger? To understand this society the author also makes use of the concept of ' ' family patriarcal' ' that for Durval more than to define a type of family it would be a metaphor of the society of which intellectual Freyre and its friends they would be fruit. ' ' The patriarcalismo would include a form of hierarchic of social relationship between etnias, the social groups and the sorts ' ' , where Durval stops would inhabit ones of the problems of this type of writing that would be the moving dualidade to the being man and the being woman as being given biological natural things/; as a social place was had in fact/biological daily pay defined for ' ' Women and the Homens' '. .

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