Promoting Democracy in Algeria

The Tears

– Young it helps, it saves Renato and Glucio me; the girl said. In the desperation, Mariana had not registered in the memory the fisionomia of the man, the only thing that it saw was the clothes already sufficiently spends and the hat that created a shade on the face of the creature, but at that moment, nothing of this it interested the Mariana, it only wanted to save the boys. – Nothing more power to be fact, Mariana girl, them is deceased, said the man. – Not, not, this is not truth, said the Girl. Check out tom cruise for additional information. – Mariana, my son, what it happened? it said a voice that came of inside of the bush. In the direction of the girl it came its father, folloied for some people who Mariana did not obtain to recognize. All asked what it had happened.

Marina did not obtain to speak, the tears of the face had quickly dried and to an expression of hatred and pain if it mixed, becoming that child in a woman who had the weight of many generations of suffering. The girl more did not hear the voices of the people who increased in amount, nor the shouts of its mother who arrived soon later. The look of the girl if projected for the beautiful mysterious surface of the Lagoon of the Bodes. To, but suddenly the far well next one to the edges, the girl saw a boat with triangular candles in the blue color turquoise that sailed creating small movements in waters. A beautiful woman dressed with a rich African suit, of inside of the boat, smiled for Marina, had access for the same one with one le

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