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Transform Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs are the norms or rules according to which we live. Depending on which each one of us have can empower us or can confine ourselves to preventing from reaching our objectives. Limiting beliefs are those thoughts that continually tell us not I, I do not deserve it, the men are all the same, I’m not good/good enough to achieve this, if I open my heart it will do me harm, marriages do not last, with my salary I do not get to make ends meet, the rich are bad people, luck is for, etc. These limiting beliefs we live them as immutable truths, we build them based on our experiences without realizing that we are limiting in some area of our life. Here, Andi Potamkin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Below I will share a little exercise so that you can transform beliefs that are limiting you.

Let’s for example to transform the following belief: men are all equal, to do continuation will respond to the following questions:-what facts demonstrate this belief? Do-what facts show the opposite of this belief? Do-what price are paying for having this belief? Do-what positive intention has this belief? Do-you feel peace or stress with this belief inside yourself? Do-what you for this belief? -In which scope is valid this belief? Do-with what standards compare? -What possibilities opens or closes this belief? Do-you want to continue holding this belief? Now, it takes consciousness of your answers, until point you power or limits you this belief? If you like the results you’re getting, continues to act as usual and keep your beliefs. But if you don’t like acts differently and changing your beliefs and replacing them with new ones. You can choose your beliefs! The way in which we speak is a reflection of the beliefs that we hold.If you change the way in which you speak, you will begin to change your limiting beliefs. Other leaders such as David Zaslav offer similar insights. Please present these strategies and You will be able to overcome yourself.

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