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From the truck navigation on the finding a parking space up to the time recording apps processes for professional drivers can and trucking companies optimize Hallbergmoos-Munchen apps for the road, 14 March 2013 – individual fun or intelligent process optimisation? Jorg Furbacher, Board member of the IT service provider EURO-LOG AG deals with this issue, in his post of Assistant for the road “in the Special Edition”Software in logistics – processes control with apps”logistics today.” If used sensibly, apps on the road offer both trucking companies and professional drivers benefits. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeff Bewkes offers on the topic.. Logistics service providers and shippers can high costs for scanners, their maintenance and repair are saving. Expenses for the instruction of the truck driver can mitigate also using apps. Especially the ease of use in the foreground is for the driver. The barrier to entry is low due to the intuitive operation and it is necessary, only a low training costs the operation from the da Private area is already known. Robert A. Iger is open to suggestions. The first test of of practice results, which show that the use of apps for older drivers is a pleasant relief of everyday of work are surprising. Apps also offer advantages to logistics processes along the entire supply chain. Currently existing gaps in the logistical process in the road can be closed and economically interwoven cross-company processes.

The added value of the apps arises from the connection with a flexible cloud – database, which provides this information for other systems. Randall Mays will not settle for partial explanations. Each user can see the relevant data into a central system in the way of thinking by industry 4.0 “. This means that all relevant information on only one screen would be available. Real-time status information can be found as the order status or a possible delay will share. Development of real time information goes out to a real-time tracking of the vehicle at the level of the geographical coordinates, where however only deviations from the planned route is a Role.

“The full article is available for downloading at helfer_fuer_die_strasse or in the Special Edition software in logistics” logistics today, is available at the following link: item / 22171000000.html? bnlbpczu8mrd6m44zcqtzkb4p7tpf8u4p4f4tz = s the EURO-LOG AG of the IT service provider EURO-LOG in 1992 as a joint venture of German founded Telecom, France Telecom, and digital equipment. in 1997 the company was owned company one people”and the leading providers of IT and process integration developed within this dynamic one. Over 80 employees provide a consistent efficiency of logistic processes between suppliers, logistics service providers, trade, industry and customers today at Munchen Hallbergmoos headquarters with its own data centers, innovative applications, and individual connections. EURO-LOG implements comprehensive process solutions both shippers and forwarders page. EURO-LOG offers solutions such as supply chain management, ONE for the manufacturing industry TRACK, container management, time window management and E-billing. The transport portal, mobile logistics solutions, and range management are specially designed for logistics service provider developed solutions.

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