Promoting Democracy in Algeria


From tiny already living and I confirmed the sport as a download. I remember that five minutes before recess, the classroom looked at the clock every minute to go by maximizing the nerves until finally, when the minute hand moved and connected to the bell that warned the entire school that started the break, out jumbled along with many others who, like me, had been glancing at the clock, without the teacher we perceive them, and counting the sixty seconds of every minute, sometimes leaving you 64, sometimes 52 -, until those most active managed to reach, ironically, a remarkable perception of the tempo of time. The uproar at the exit doors was a happy overexcitation. It happened twice out of your class and access to outside, where I reached sideways, with looks as complicated as obliquely, the overlooked pioneers of the other classrooms.The arrival of the patio area for your class was a race which was raced joy as you approached the destination and walked checking, also obliquely, that the group of fans was growing. I think at that age could not conceive without fanaticism sport: play and play, be faster, resist, be stronger, be better than that, tired to bursting and popping up exhausted and drained to zero, learn and to do this , fast perfecting those, be the best in your skill, win, win, win. Although in my first year, to six years old, I committed with judo as a sport out of school, was nine years old when my commitment and it would be for long with a sport that promised to be a genuine vehicle for fans like me download , rugby.A maturation of concepts such as respect, humility and the importance of technique in judo were added also in rugby, the team factor, the importance of physical development and the universe of tactics. All in all it was a sport for me yet complementary, since the sport was still the soccer star, practiced at all times during breaks and continued to record TV at the Camp Nou in the collections of cards and chats with friends.He had many additional sports and I loved that loved to minimal practice time, such as swimming, basketball, cycling, volleyball, tennis, racquetball, skateboarding, all those games that we invented and all games of hide and pursued whose rules moved to the progression and leadership united to welcome some of the latter group, the approval, would come more to the success of the practice that the initiative to approve or disapprove of an initiative: it was that group and initiative could not initiate group leader and initiative that began a strong group, but not valid for sufficiently large.I would have liked at this point, higher-risk sports, but for reasons of age, I limit the risk to incorporate all that practicing. Counting since the age of Jesus Christ, and trying to look at life in their eyes of mourning spring in the procession of aging that irrationalism glanced despotic children with the complicity of resuscitation as games and sports lives on me, because although not worth the naive fervor excited to create any system that supports life, I do have the illusion, and some historical certainty, he can hold to any system. And one has been led to know more and more about the sport and its symbols, after a ping e experience as a player, coach, teacher and how was manager.

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