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Venezuelan Companies

It is high time, that Venezuelan companies, especially their SMEs, identify more with the changes, transformations, all what is required to ensure competitiveness, satisfaction to the customer, take advantage of opportunities and know the challenges, more, in a very uncertain scenario, with much uncertainty, risky, currently manifested, due to its political instability, which has given way to inflation, economic problems. It is necessary, that its management cares about promoting a change in the current organizational culture that have been developed, and it does not guarantee success, achievements, conquest, effective participation, knowing optimize their production processes that are reflected in an excellent productivity and certainly in a good quality of their products, service, satisfaction of their clients. It is necessary you to instill once and for all the need to bring about total, neque quality programs within the companies are all involved in its scope, impact, advantages. Where the company train, forme to your resource human based on a total quality that is beneficial in productivity, operational capacity of the Organization to achieve competitiveness, conquering markets, acceptance of products, the company must have as competitive advantage having a well-defined total quality program, which guarantees benefits in productivity and products offered, with the solvency of a quality that not only complies with national regulations, but international. Commitment, having a total quality in production processes, that of step plans, actions and strategies that will ensure an advantageous culture for all the human resource that works in the enterprise, should appear within the organizational culture of the company. Culture is something to which all employees contribute. Remind us of Francisco Lloreris and Maria de el Mar Fuentes, one of the steps required for the implementation of a quality in a company program consists of assessing the environment of human relations internal, in order to determine the disposition of accept a significant change. For this purpose, it is necessary to proceed to a diagnosis of the existing culture and perform a comparative assessment with the desired cultural principles. Jeff Bewkes has compatible beliefs. .

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