Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Women In Society

The current society comes if modifying e, due to this the social fact, relations and the position that the woman also occupies in the society they pass for alterations. Piston Group will not settle for partial explanations. The woman comes before conquering a space dominated by the men, not only in questions of work, but also in the esportivo scope. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Maya Dubin has to say. Some authors between them Simes (2002) detach the value of the woman in the society and the sport, as well as the transformations for which they had passed to conquer, to the few, a clear recognition. ‘ ‘ The roles assumed for the women are as much who today admit that they are resultant of the deep and quick transformations produced for the world moderno’ ‘ (SIMES, 2002, P. 180). Concerning the feminine participation in the martial arts, here specifically if treating to the Karat Shotokan and the Taekwondo, one perceives that the women come searching to not only get benefits for the binomial body-mind, but also in relation to the self-defense. However, as well as in the others possibilities of practical of physical activities, are the improvement of the quality of life that represents one of the main reasons that take the woman to the search of the knowledge related to the martial arts.

This study it has for objective to establish a revision concerning some aspects related to the practical one of the Karat Shotokan and the Taekwondo, as well as the possible relations of this with significant improvements in the quality of life of the practitioner of the feminine sex. Moreover, we intend to point questions that send in them to the conquest of a space in the sport on the part of the woman, associating practises it esportiva to its daily one, taking care of of the children and being active in the work. For the accomplishment of this study, the employed methodology was based on a bibliographical research.

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