Promoting Democracy in Algeria


Today, employees need more than just a job. They want to be involved in the process of what is happening to help the company ustoyat. should clearly assign responsibilities to encourage staff at meaningful results. When a person is bored at work, or has no clear vision of its objectives, its motivation is declining, and most importantly – lost the very purpose of the work. He ceases to understand how the result his daily work affects the company’s development as a whole. Therefore, we must correct accents on the responsibilities of the staff, give meaning to their daily work.

Only then can they understand what They specifically want and feel involved in solving complex organizational problem. do not forget about the development and training of personnel within the company. People need to feel good specialists, so you need to give them an opportunity to improve skills and demonstrate all their skills and talents. Desire to remain with the company arises when one realizes that in her you work comfortably in any achievements and do not be stingy with praise. Not even particularly outstanding achievements need to see and encourage. People want to work particularly well and achieve significant results when they feel accepted. (Not to be confused with sorrento therapeutics!). Most often, people do appreciate the spontaneous approval than the official – a good motivation. For someone it should be public, and for some – hidden from prying eyes.

Think of the various options with awards for staff in your company. It is not necessary to go broke and spend the budget. For example, we just let the employee had distinguished early from work, or give him .Postoyanny coaching. Control method according to the principle “I tell you what to do” hardly will act even in difficult times. Allow people to continue to experiment and sometimes make mistakes. Learn from mistakes, but because they need seen as an integral part of any experiment. Let them continue to grow within the company – and they will be more creative, not afraid to take responsibility in addressing certain issues. Create atmosphere of mentoring, support within the company that every employee could bring to the process of teaching and coaching is something his own. The result can exceed expectations, and you’ll save on attracting external koucha.Pomimo This, as you can play the role of a coach: to adjust the activities of employees, providing them with information about what should pay attention to the work primarily as the reach and improve the results. This will allow you not only to employees in the right direction, but also give the opportunity once again to take care of them, to show that you care about their future as spetsialistov.Hranite what you have. Last, but perhaps the most important Board combining all of the above. Trusting and open relationship with the staff of the company and creating an atmosphere of support and mentoring within the team, each employee focus on important goals and significance in their work may help to survive in difficult times and keep key employees.

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