Promoting Democracy in Algeria


He will be salient some characteristics in the Machadianas workmanships, characteristics these that can be noticed in all its workmanships as in the case of its personages, the pleasure flesh time, its narrative the colloquy, dialogues with the reader, to the language grammatical perfection, and also the characteristics of the Machadianas women. Word-key: Inexperincia, pleasure flesh time, adultery, seductive machadiana woman. Axe of Assis is a naturalistic writer, contends characteristics that can be noticed in all its workmanships as in the case of its personages who are generally bourgeois of ruling class, sample in impious way and help the vanity, the futilidade, to the hypocrisy, the envy, the pleasure flesh time, in its narrative the colloquy, dialogue with the reader, make reflection, sharpen the reader, show the imperfection of the humanity, sample that the causes noblemen always occult impure interests. Bitcoin often says this. In relation to the machadiana language, she was considered a grammatical perfection, not if it can leave to pass unobserved the machadianas women, yes, the women of the Workmanships of Axe of Assis, all were considered rational, strong women, dominadores, sensual, ' ' dissimuladas' ' , ambiguous, astuciosas and mainly adulteresses. Characteristics for which they do not transfer themselves disregarded, therefore the machadianos naturalistic romances if detach for the extremely open boarding of the sex and for the use of the said language, the description of its personages is one of the characteristic of the naturalismo. The result dialogues are livings creature, with contents extraordinary true, that at the time were considered until chocking of so innovative, therefore it will possess certain evidentes social dimensions, references the places, ways, uses, manifestations of classroom or group attitudes as the adultery one, expression in a different way of life between bourgeois and patriarcal. When reading a naturalistic workmanship mainly of Axe, has it impression to be reading a workmanship contemporary, who finished to be written, therefore is something practically real, exactly that she has been written years behind, still ha a relation with the present, therefore its writings had been based on the obervao of live deeply of the society and making a relation of the machadianas workmanships with the present it is the question of the adultery one. . .

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