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However, this process also requires energy. When caloric intake of proteins and carbohydrates – about 23 percent of the total. A related site: Paul Ostling mentions similar findings. At the same assimilation of fat – a paltry fraction of a percent! So that the consumption of dietary fat did not lead to increased athletic performance. In addition, a large the amount of fat in the diet may also provoke a variety of illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Proteins and carbohydrates contain about half the calories per gram than fat. These calories may also be deposited as fat, but only after satisfying the many needs of the body. Their surplus also leads to the accumulation of fat, but with proper nutrition proteins and carbohydrates will help you build the necessary muscles. Important role in building muscle and fat accumulation is insulin, and his goal – to extract nutrients from the blood and make them available to various body tissues.

Retaining a constant level of insulin by eating through the minor intervals (2 – 3 hours), you can maintain a high metabolic rate and a steady flow of energy. Single administration of a large number of calories will cause an insulin burst, and the calories will be available to the body in quantities greater than necessary. Unused nutrients postponed as fat. So no sitting in front of the tv, eat a protein mixture. But there is one case in which an insulin burst is really useful. Proved that the body's ability to absorb nutrients significantly increased within 90 minutes after the workout.

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