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Saving Space On The Memory Card

Many of us use cameras have problems primarily save space. Built-in camera memory is never enough, so we must buy a memory card required volume. First of all, the question immediately arises – what to build into the machine memory size is still not enough to store at least as a significant number of photographs. The answer may give older model cameras which generally connectivity cards did not have, and stores all the information solely for internal memory. Time passed, there appeared the first type of memory card manufacturers began to incorporate into their models, this opportunity. However, those cards are still not allowed to refuse internal memory to store all the photos exclusively on the memory card, so we used simultaneously for both possibilities. Today, the volume modern memory cards has already reached tens of gigabytes and the use of onboard memory it makes no sense the presence of which is simply a relic of the past. But back to the main topic – buying a memory card is not mandatory and waste of money after buying the camera itself. More info: Vinnie Johnson.

It is logical to assume that the less space is required for a picture so more pictures will fit on a memory card. All a matter of megapixels, the more of them in your camera, the more space will hold your photos, and the fewer photos you can do. For example, 8 megapixels (roughly 2362×3543) are designed to print photos to A4 size. Many people do not once in my life Photos of this size was not published and will not print. Do not worry, the specified number of megapixels on the body of your camera fortunately you can change.

But how much? Popular formats prints – 10×15 and 13×18 that corresponds to 2,1 (1181×1772) and 3.3 megapixels (1535×2126). Performing complex mathematical operations do not we get that change the default permission for one of these we can make a 4 and 3 times respectively more photos. The quality is not suffering and pictures open faster. That would confirm the theory in practice, we conducted an experiment – take a camera Sony T20 with 8 megapixels and memory cards 512MB and 1GB. Testing was conducted in the modes of 1181×1772 and 1535×2126. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin. Results The following is shown below. Memory Card 512MB Resolution Size Number 2362×3543 3MB 170 1535×2126 1MB > 500 1181×1772 750Kb > 650 Memory Card 2GB Resolution Size Number 2362×3543 3MB > 650 1535×2126 1MB > 2000 1181×1772 750Kb > 2600 We can see that the number of photos on memory cards 512MB (1181×1772) and 2GB (2362×3543) the same and equal to 650. The conclusion that sometimes the replacement card to a new larger size or buying a new oversized simply do not sense. You save money without losing quality.

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