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Understanding Mortality

Death is an experience that nobody will ever have. Yes, never.It seems a very strange statement, but true. Therefore, no fear of death. Is it wise to fear an experience that we will never have? to something that we will ever live? On the cold theme of death seems to be two basic lines of beliefs: the first (transcendental) is rather religious and says that we do not die, simply change the State. The body remains here on Earth languishing, but we continue an eternal journey with our soul and our spirit. According to this belief therefore death does not exist and there is only a passage to another life.

Then we can not fear death since she does not produce is never. The second line establishes that we cease to exist at some point. When the death occurs there is nothing more. For more specific information, check out CBS. After life is not conserved anything. Simply no longer exist. Then, we could not fear death because there is no possibility of living the experience of being dead.

There is no any experience about be dead given that, for experience something, we must be alive.But we’ve always heard about the fear of death. It would seem that culturally is present in all time fear, however if we think carefully is paradoxical to be afraid of something that we will ever live. Something that we could not experience, except that we were alive. Then, to what fear you?. Could we eventually work on this emotion that we torment and try another less harmful look on death? All our everyday fears are associated with experiences that we do not want, to experiences that we do not want to live as the penalty for the loss of a loved one, physical pain, loneliness, hopelessness, anyway. But to live an experience necessarily must remain to exist. It is not possible that someone who died living experience because that someone is not.