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Winner-motives Of DOCMA Awards 2013 Can Be Admired

Exhibition of the best photographs of the prestigious competition shows unique nature pictures / opening to kick off on September 06th, Berlin / Luneburg, 15 August 2013, Europe’s leading microstock agency Fotolia and DOCMA, the renowned magazine for professional image editing, present another highlight in the Berlin fotoliLAB: from 7 to 27 September winner the DOCMA Awards 2013 motives at the facility in the District of Prenzlauer Berg to examine. Under the motto of course! More beautiful than true”nature images were the focus of the prestigious competition this year. A Vernissage inaugurated the exhibition on September 6th. Impressive images of animals, plants and landscapes await visitors. “” Seeing the motifs are in the categories, professional”semi pro” and training “have occupied the first three places. “In addition completed a picture with special appreciation the exhibition: John William photo of two seagulls titled health check”, the special prize of the Zingst Photo festivals won on the already in may many recordings from the competition were presented. 1352 Images of 392 participants the DOCMA award was 2013 much more submissions than in previous years. This can be attributed, inter alia on an extension of the competition: so, Assembly for the first time not only were allowed to be filed, but also unedited original image files, as well as all the variations in between, as well as picturesque or graphic works or 3D scenes with nature themes.

454 Motifs of the 18-member jury were presented after an editorial pre-selection. Read more here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. These consisted of experienced and competent experts in the field of photography, including Murat Erimel, Director of marketing and media relations at Fotolia, DOCMA – Chief Editor Christoph Kunne DOCMA Publisher Doc Baumann.

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