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For the eight largest markets (Germany, Russia, Turkey, France, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom and Spain) the consumption is investigated in detail for the areas of application of wastewater, drinking water, cable protection, gas, agriculture, industrial and other applications of plastic pipes. Chapter 2: Here the development of individual areas of application of plastic pipes is considered: data on the consumption development of in seven areas of application for the largest markets. Chapter 3 open represents the development of consumption for each type of plastic, that is divided into 30 countries of Europe PE pipes, PE-PP pipes, PVC pipes and tubes made of other plastics. The data are each specified in chapters 1 through 3 for the period from 2004 to 2020. Chapter 4 provides company profiles of the most important producers of plastic pipes, clearly arranged according to contact information, sales, profit, product range, production facilities, short profile and product types and application areas. Detailed profiles supplied by 65 manufacturers, E.g.

AGRU Kunststofftechnik, Aliaxis, Frankische Rohrwerke, Georg Fischer, KWH pipe, Pipelife, poly pipe, Polyplastic group, REHAU, Simona, Tessenderlo group, Uponor, Uralita & Wavin. de/market research/industry/plastic pipes Europe about Ceresana Ceresana is a leading international market research and consulting firm for the industry with branches in Konstanz, Vienna and Hong Kong. For over 10 years, the company supplies several 1,000 satisfied customers in 55 countries with up-to-date market knowledge. Comprehensive understanding of the market creates new prospects for strategic and operational decisions. Our clients benefit from implementation-oriented advice, tailor-made commissioned studies and about 60 multi-client market studies. The analysts of Ceresana are specialized in the following markets: chemicals, plastics, additives, raw materials, industrial goods, consumer goods, packaging and building materials.

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While it is true that the MLM Internet offer the possibility of developing an activity all over the world, no less true is the fact that millions of people around the world develop a business like ours. So, it is logical to conclude that competition is strong and to pretend to act how it works around the world in that environment, the long-awaited success makes almost unattainable. One of the great lies of which has been the victim when started your MLM Internet business was making you believe that with the Web page that provides you with the company, you have enough to get started in the business. It is a big mistake to pretend resemble the thousands of people that distribute the same product globally. Sounds perhaps logical that, while you look more like other distributors more you will buy you in particular? Seems you logical that having a Web page identical to thousands of others, subscribers will know that you are the leader they need? How they may knowing it? Well, the secret is in the differentiation.

Only if you’re different from the others in terms of the content of value you offer, you will look like the person they need to develop their Internet business. And such differentiation should begin from the miso time of capture of the information (name and email). Today I want to tell you about the necessity of having your own website. A personal website, you shall see from the introduction as a special, unique and professional person that people will want to do business. Only with an own webpage you can give that impression.

Remember that the first impression is extremely important to earn the trust of your subscribers. So this website is attractive must have certain characteristics: 1.-a sexy headline containing the Word key with which you have identified your niche market. 2. A valuable free product for the development of your business. 3. A motivational video with a synthesis of what is obtained when subscribing. 4. A summary of the benefits that people will realize if leave you your data. 5. A form to subscribe without any compromise in order to obtain the information necessary before deciding to go with you to the business. 6. Any additional, useful for business gift voucher. 7. Your personal identification, photo and contact details so that you’re a real person who has a real and serious proposal to offer. The MLM business online today represent a serious and profitable business opportunity. Introduce yourself as a serious and unique, businessman will make your visitors see you as the leader that want to follow, and therefore end up affiliating your company on your team, for greater success in your MLM business online.