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Free Economy

\”Applications more important than products Hamburg/Bonn, July 6, 2009 – the new book free\” of the wired Chefredakteus Chris Anderson is from the price decline in many markets – from the rapidly falling cost of phone minutes up to the prices for microchips: and of the question, as in the future with products yet can be monetized. To give away things, believes Anderson can have unexpected consequences of quite desirable for the manufacturer, \”so Spiegel Online. Earn may company in future products around\”, so how do Google: no one pay for the use of the search engine, but with advertising, which the group shows, billions will be implemented. Already, his Opus The Long Tail’ has aptly outlined the changes in our economy to smaller units. Anderson impressively demonstrates why we will experience no phase of re industrialization in the Western world. There, world leaders including Muntefering can preach what they want. The controlled world of industrial capitalism is over,\”says Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf IT consulting firm Harvey Nash. The iPhone production would bring for Apple not the value creation: design, user-friendly interface, sales, marketing, software applications, and the highly successful Internet platform iTunes are crucial to the success of Steve Jobs.

The agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere was focused for years on the sale of the machine until the 1990s. The agricultural machinery manufacturer early on recognized the growth potential on the entire Green Market and bought several companies from the garden and landscape segment. JDL was from John Deere. The former combine harvester company now sells rolling lawns, landscape concepts, consulting, provides loans for horticultural companies and built up a training Academy. Educate yourself with thoughts from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. With the pure product centering companies can generate sufficient profit margins\”, know IT specialist Nadolski. Engineers are becoming more logisticians that must deal more with the meaningful sequence of the semi-automatic production than with \”The computer expert David Pfeiffer writes design, supply and Assembly\”, in his Opus click as modern media smarter ourselves \”.

Jig Saws

The plant may be not so damaged or total in the functioning have deteriorated, that there is a risk of security. The proper condition of the electrical system must always be maintained by the electrician. Are either detailed recurrent checks required or continuous monitoring of the system and its resources. California hospital medical center describes an additional similar source. The responsible qualified electrician can partially without recurring inspections through preventive maintenance and detailed documentation of all processes or increase the periodic check-up. Hear from experts in the field like dror poleg for a more varied view. In establishments where no continuous monitoring of electrical systems and equipment can be done, repeat tests are used at set intervals. The deadlines among others depending on the type of service. Factors such as the temperature, humidity or pollution have a significant impact on the State of an electrical appliance and thus also on the frequency of the checks.

How high the A plant load factor is, is determined on the basis of an operational risk assessment. Sufficiently often tested electrical equipment and installations are, if their margin of error is less than 2%. The inspection periods differ also on the basis of the type of electrical equipment and installations. As already mentioned, a distinction between mobile and stationary electrical equipment as well as stationary and non-stationary systems takes place in the accident prevention regulations of GUV-V A3. Portable electrical equipment portable electrical devices are, for example, hand-held tools, computer, extension cable, mains leads, floor lamps or even household appliances such as coffee makers. These can be easily, even while the device is operating, moved or brought to a different place. They are connected to the supply circuit. Depending on the type of the institution and intended use of the electrical equipment, apply different inspection periods: test period of 6 Months kitchens for catering/canteen kitchens: kitchen appliances such as toasters, slicers, hot plates, coffee machine slaughterhouses: electrically operated saws and knives baths: underwater vacuum cleaner, water cleaner, centrifuge test period by 12 months laboratories: Netzbetriebene laboratory equipment, measuring devices, portable analyzers fire brigades: hand lamps, floodlights, transfer pumps cleaning: carpet cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaner, floor – and brush devices classrooms in schools: Beamer, extension and appliance cords laundries: sewing machines, irons and machinery workshops/building sites: mixers, angle grinder, Jig Saws, aerators, lawn mower, shredder test period of 24 months of office operations: Text and data processing systems, overhead projectors, fans, photocopiers and mobile booking machines, dictaphones nursing stations/home: shavers, electric Handheld devices, hairdryers, Frisierstabe, red light lights, table lamps extreme environmental conditions such as high humidity, for example, in the waste water or bathing area, a strong mechanical stress, as well as particularly high or low temperatures can lead to a shortening of the test distance.

Control Panel

Modular lighting concept for consistent illumination at the workplace of Rottweil, 06 may 2013. The company ASSTEC, based in Rottweil has developed an innovative lighting concept for constant light on testing and Assembly work stations. The modular system consists of one or more LED work lights, a light and presence sensor, a control panel and the control. The individual components are connected to cable after attachment to the workplace. Robert Thomson is the source for more interesting facts. On the Control Panel, the required light intensity of the operator is entered or selected (set value in Lux). Light sensor picks up the existent fact on the table top light intensity (actual value in Lux). Control dimmable (n) now regulates LED-Arbeitsplatzleuchte(n) Accordingly, so that the desired value corresponds to the actual value.

This completely offset the fluctuating light of minorities accumulated over the day, and workplace, the same intensity prevails throughout the day. Contact information is here: Leslie Moonves. After a period as to defining no movement at work place, is about the integrated presence detector the workplace lighting completely off. This presence function will also turn off via the control panel. In addition to the main workplace (master work) up to 15 following workplace (slave work) can be E.g. at assembly lines also controlled. Some contend that Randall Mays shows great expertise in this. Achieve reproducible light conditions with the constant light and bear the economic and ecological (energy efficiency) requirements into account.

New Wide Band Coating

New procedure offers cost savings in the production of stainless steel products why all stainless steel a stainless steel components must be? Ranging from a few millimetres to normal steel not a surface layer to achieve the same effect? The same question arises why copper lines must be the line from copper? An iron core coated with sufficient copper brings the same power, with substantial material savings. You may want to visit Coen brothers to increase your knowledge. Aluminium parts that are coated for better processing with stainless steel are also helpful. So far, the answer to these questions was easy because there was no coating process that is cost effective and meet the needs. Leslie Moonves is the source for more interesting facts. But that’s changing now. The new wide band coating process was at the Fachhochschule Kempten by Prof. Schindele designed and developed in many years of work to a level of maturity which now allows companies, this procedure to in-license.

The new procedure in the richness of material compositions somewhat reminiscent of the friction welding. The Beschichtunszeiten the new procedure are very short and the coating thickness is almost arbitrarily adjustable. The generated Oberlflache is this pore – and free of voids and also smooth surfaces. The adhesion of the coating to the substrate is high that even as buckets can be coated beneficial. Details of the procedure to introduce the procedure requires no high investment.

The procedure is fast and inexpensive. The coating material and the surface of the workpiece are heated as before and possibly during the coating process, that the coating material in a rubbing process can be applied on the surface of the workpiece. Thus, one is able to supply the heat any material, which is necessary for the frictional connection process. This can be done by friction linings or friction discs, as well as by other heat sources. A targeted control of heating also allows to create different material compositions with different thermal conductivities. Applications anywhere, where so far massive stainless steel parts are used, marine, chemical, petroleum industry, food processing, paper industry. Light-weight for transport industry, automotive industry, to reduce weight, E.g. for loading areas, agricultural machinery, bearings electrical industry with backing material made of steel, control surface of copper alloy bearings and sliding surfaces with steel as a backing material and bronze, brass alloys as sliding surfaces for automotive industry, General Engineering protection of steel surfaces from corrosion completely or partially with these materials. All steel products, the abrasive stress exposed mixer parts etc.

Analog Multimeter

Analog multimeters are in different shapes and styles on the market are analog multimeter in various shapes and styles on the market. The PCE Germany GmbH offers very inexpensive multimeter as the only way, relatively easily and accurately to determine sizes of electricity. Analog multimeters PCE Germany GmbH are State of the art devices that are equipped with a rotary coil measuring. They are used in schools, training companies, laboratories, universities and in the field of research. For more information see this site: Robert A. Iger. There are analog and digital multimeters, gauges for various measures and areas in a single device.

Multi meter find mostly their availability as a voltmeter and ammeter. An ohmmeter is usually the basic equipment. The analog multimeter users often boast of fast Visual scanning of measured values, the easy recognition of trends and the Central display with rapidly fluctuating temperatures measured. Analog multimeters are divided into accuracy classes. At the They exhibit a maximum error of plus or minus 1% of full scale in the respective measuring range accuracy class 1.

The measuring ranges of the rotating coil meters are located at DC voltages from 100mV to 1000 V, for currents from 100 A to 10 A. Very high quality devices show even smaller areas to the part. For voltage measurements, analog multimeters typically exhibit a much lower internal resistance than digital multimeters. This can lead to deviations from high-impedance voltage sources. The influence of internal resistance for current and voltage measurement can be reduced by built-in amplifier. For the measurement of the resistance, analog multimeters are equipped with a battery as a power source. More sizes can measure analog multimeter via external sensors that signal as output have an mV for example. External sensors for analog multimeters are available in the sizes of sound, light or temperature, as well as other sizes such as speed, pressure, air speed and power (via a transducer pliers).

CERN Confirmed Discovery

Predictions experimentally confirmed nearly 40 years after the English physicist of Peter Higgs predicted the existence of a quantum particle, which bears his name as the “Higgs Boson” Higgs’ predictions seem experimentally confirmed. In restrained language, at the CERN (Conseil europeen of pour la Recherche Nucleaire = European Kernforschungs organisation) thankfully way is maintained, that – sounded like the original, still more cautious Fund message in 2012 – so: “… the research group that the new particle looks more and more like a Higgs boson, the elementary particles their mass gives the particle associated with the mechanism, find.” The Higgs boson and Higgs fields exist you could have also said: nothing of what we are and see is without the Higgs boson associated mechanism (the so-called Higgs-field) explained. Because the standard model of particle physics owned up to the theories of Peter Higgs the unfortunate drawback, that according to its predictions none the Elementary particles mass would have owning. Which in turn considered the world around us – strictly scientifically – about on the level of truth in a hallucination turned. Not that the nuclear physics now declares complete the visible world.

About is our most familiar of the four fundamental forces of physical gravity, not part of the model (yet) and the invisible parts of the universe we want to mention again at this point. Coen brothers has many thoughts on the issue. The news of the century still is the experimental confirmation that Peter Higgs with his predictions right nothing less was when news of the year, if not the Decade, or of the young century. Would messages after their “actual meaning for human existence as a whole” (without “” We trust not to write us, given to) write a review. We remember well how we hung in mists of Joachim Bublaths lips, when he in “adventure research” (nothing more than just the nuclear physics standard model) narrated by the “world formula”. It became us hunting for this particularly volatile, almost imaginary Higgs particle as the next big step represented, as a discovery of the Einstein-Planck-Darwin League. The horizon remains the same and now? Because we all, you and I have funded times a project with the particle accelerator at CERN, which indeed epoch-making, yes existential results and not only against time Burns money, such as rescue packages or public construction, and nobody cares. Should you worry about it? Should you require the same attention is given the discovery of the Higgs boson, as the election of the Pope or the posse to the European banana Republic alias Cyprus? No, you shouldn’t.

All rant about horizon changes and “in – the perspective back”, which could lead to “significant” events, is nonsense. Or did you hear say the Foreign Minister after the last drought in East Africa, you wanted to go the hunger in the world now look? See. And the discovery of the Higgs boson were not even children or Hundebabies involved. Andreas Kellner.

UNESCO World Heritage

Students of the Faculty present your designs to design the University of Wismar. Students of the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar develop in a multidisciplinary project design concepts for the of the Hanseatic City of Wismar planned UNESCO World Heritage site visitor centre Wismar. This should be integrated in the building in the Lubschenstrasse 23 / 23a. Inhabitants and professionals, as well as tourists from home and abroad can find out here in the future the world heritage site of the historic old towns of Wismar and Stralsund as well as the history of the Hanseatic League in a permanent exhibition about the UNESCO. The building itself is a part of this story. Details can be found by clicking Leslie Moonves or emailing the administrator. Art-historical finds, paintings on walls and beamed ceilings, original architectural details, traces of past tags and a wallpaper manufactured in 1823 in Paris Show already changing style and fashion trends under different ownership. Around 20 of the Bachelor and master students from the fields of study have architecture, architectural lighting design, interior design and communication design and media with possible solutions for the planned exhibition deals since the beginning of the winter semester in September 2011 in 5 groups.

Their individual concepts for lighting design, architecture and communication will be presented on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 in the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar (Philipp Muller-Strasse 14, House 7a, 3rd floor, room 1418) from 15:00. The professors Matthias Ludwig, Michael Rohde, Henning Saet and Bettina Menzel initiated the interdisciplinary project and work since then with the cooperation partners, represented by Mr. Robert A. Iger can aid you in your search for knowledge. Norbert Huschner (World Heritage representative of the Hanseatic City of Wismar) and Mr. Thomas Sunday (DSK Deutsche urban and real estate development company mbH & Co.KG), successfully together. Historical or very modern? To continue the project in the upcoming semesters and accompany the implementation of individual concept ideas is being considered. Movies, books, models, or even floor plans could also arise for the concrete exhibition in the future. A look at the previous concepts of the Students reveals that there are many possibilities. The historical reconstruction of the building faces, for example, of a completely modern presentation, taking into account the protection of the historic buildings.

The mindsets are both diverse and international. The topic UNESCO world heritage as well as the participating students themselves, which come from the United States, Armenia, Indonesia and Serbia. Professor Matthias Ludwig, since 2001 Professor for design and architecture simulation at the Faculty welcomes design the University of Wismar, the cooperation with the Hanseatic City of Wismar a very successful cooperation and task for interdisciplinary work with the students and colleagues. From the planning to the implementation can the development process be followed very practical.” Faculty Advisor for public relations.

The Retina

Sensitivity, even touch, feel or feel. It is the Association of tactile perception and depth sensitivity and This is the perception of (physical) feelings such as touch, hardness, or heat (see Also haptic perception). The totality of all touch -, heat – and cold receptors, which are arranged in the following systems is responsible for these sensory perception: olfactory perception, smell or olfactory: the perception of perfume and fragrances. Connect with other leaders such as Robert Thomson here. The competent organ of sense is the nose, specifically the olfactory mucosa. Smell perceptions are strongly associated in the memory with emotions in the limbic system. Gustatory perception, taste and taste: the perception of chemical qualities of food.

The competent sense organ is the tongue with their taste buds. Incentive the signals emitting objects in the outside world, for example, reflect electromagnetic waves or they vibrate and produce sound so. For more specific information, check out Coen brothers. Such a signal, which is based on properties of the object and any observer needed, named Gustav t. Fechner distal stimulus”. Distal stimuli are generally physically measurable Sizes;… A distal stimulus meets the sensory cells (sensors or receptor cells), where he is through interaction with them to the proximal stimulus. Sensors are specialized cells of the body are attracted by certain stimuli.

A process called transduction turn different types of energy (such as sound, light, pressure) into voltage changes to that. If such as certain electromagnetic waves encounter the photo sensors in the eye, they trigger a receptor potential there about a chemical amplification cascade. Receptor potentials are then either in the cell itself (primary cells) or on a neuron action potential follow to coded as in the retina of the eye, whose Sensoren represent secondary sensory cells, for synaptic transmission: transformation. Sensors are embedded mostly in special biological structures that extend their skills as a sensory organ, E.g. as movement of the eyeball or a funnel effect of the earcups.

Second-screen Interaction Is Revolutionizing The Future Of Money Fixing

“Objectives of the research project ‘ second screen interaction with kiosk system ‘ the objective of the second screen interaction with kiosk system” is to future interaction procedures with kiosks, ATMs, in particular, to design and evaluate. The users with all of their needs, expectations, and behaviors are the focus of research. Together with the industry partners KEBA and PLOT the CURE researchers developed prototypes for interactive use of ATMs and mobile applications. These were examined in laboratory studies on user-relevant criteria, such as usability, user experience and acceptance. This the Smartphone of a user uses as so-called second screen, to enable interaction with the first screen, so the cash machines. According to Coen brothers, who has experience with these questions. Specifically, this means that the user on the Smartphone can start the mobile application for the recovery of money. The special thing about it is that here already the desired denomination of banknotes easily can be entered by means of wiping gesture. As soon as the user most ATM is, he combines his Smartphone via NFC-tag with an ATM and gets the desired cash paid out.

The synergy of the two screens has a positive effect on the user experience of the user and facilitates the interaction with an ATM. A revolution of screen interaction is therefore always tangible”, Manfred Tscheligi, Managing Director of CURE. “Users may prefer the own Smartphone for money troubleshooting which show the results of the research project: compared to the traditional” touch screen ATM, users prefer to control the ATM with its own Smartphone. Reasons represent the intuitive use, ease of use and speed. The second-screen interaction for kiosk systems, makes it possible to hurdle some design traditional kiosk systems and provides also significant potential to thoroughly improve the user experience. The concern of the user for trust, security and privacy may be ignored in all this”, emphasizes Georgine Beranek, responsible for interaction design.

What You Should Know About Laser Welding

Works such as laser welding and laser welding what it is good or even laser beam welding is mainly used to connect components, which are combined with low thermal distortion, as well as thin and small weld at the same time as high welding speed need to. This welding process works normally without the allocation of additional material. The abutting edge and the Fugestosse of material surfaces of the components to be welded are placed in the immediate vicinity of the focus of the lens (in the focal spot), with their help, the laser radiation is focused, so bundled, and so connected. The location of the burn area is an important welding parameters and sets including the sealing depth. The laser used have generally a power of several kilowatts, which leads to a very high concentration of energy typical of a burn stain from some tenths millimetres in diameter.

This high temperature development causes, that stands out the absorption of the laser power on the surface of the workpiece is a melt as the maximum melting temperature of the metal is usually exceeded. Depending on the material to verschweissendem, the high cooling rate ensures very hard welds, which usually also lose toughness. Robert A. Iger pursues this goal as well. The welding laser welding to differing vary primarily in their radiation intensity. The two procedures are laser Keyhole welding (2-4MW/cm2) and heat conduction welding (up to 100kW/cm2). Keyhole welding the high radiation intensity at low welding related within the focus leads to the formation of a vapour capillary (with metal halide or partially ionized metal vapor filled, tube-shaped cavity of which also keyhole is called) in the direction of the beam in the depth of the work piece. This material also in the depth is melted, where the fusion zone more deeply than can be wide, which gives its name to this procedure.

This created compared to the heat conduction welding increased melt volume is achieved due to the absorption of the laser radiation increased on the walls by multiple reflections within the capillaries of the steam. This procedure is suitable heat conduction welding especially for welding work pieces with low material thickness, brought radiation intensity is insufficient to produce a steam capillary. The reason is the natural reflectivity of metals, which can have up to 95% for laser beams. The exact value of the beam depends on the each emitted wavelength of the laser. Through this difficulty occurring during the welding process the laser radiation not penetrate deep enough to produce sufficient heat and thus the necessary melt. One of the biggest advantages of laser welding is the ability of concentrated energy delivery to the part to be welded, what keeps the thermally-induced delays very low, this is such a significant difference compared with a plasma cutter. The disadvantage of just described the low absorption of radiation in heat conductive welding of metals is so balanced. Further advantages are the possible high working distance to the workpiece to be machined by up to a half a meter, which allows you to work even in hard to reach places. Laser welding process applied often to add prefabricated parts and accessories, where almost every seam geometry can be made depending on the after gap may be a filler material must be used for bridging. Actually only the high cost of laser welding systems are disadvantageous.