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A Smarter Way Out Of The Crisis

a Leipzig company realized noble houses – 2009 another record year expected ways out of the crisis: the architecture is in permanent crisis and the current economic developments make the situation worse. The crisis is worldwide as well as to read in the interviews with international architects. Every crisis offers but also a chance for those who know how it grabs the forelock. I want to introduce some interesting ideas in loose sequence. At Mark Kotsay you will find additional information. Sometimes, the ideas are not new, but nevertheless not less interesting, or failed.

A2haus is the beginning today. The company a2haus designs, plans and builds individual architect houses at a fixed price. The client gets in – and that’s I think once – 3 designs by different architects for a very low fee of 2,000 euros. The favorite of builders is then planned and implemented at a fixed price. The client has no obligations on the protection fee for the \”competition\”. The company a2haus writes: it takes also the threshold, many builders in PES to decide on our way to modern architecture. Connect with other leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City here. With us so there is no expensive sketch for the price of 3,000 to 5,000 euros, which then often don’t score at the start. Instead the a2 Builder free of charge three and gets this right.

The competition is our way to continue once begun dialogue with potential builders\”for the fee a very detailed planning and consultation is brought before the\”competition\”under processing a list of questions constantly in modification with future builders. This results in a very comprehensive protocol, which then forms the basis of sound design work. The result of this creative implementation of the task, the client receives 3 full sets of graphic representations of the design. In addition to 3D images of the outside views in exquisite and very expensive rendering a map with a classification of the building in the plot and all plans will be presented.

Planning Tips

A House of the natural building material brick prepares its inhabitants a life long pleasure. Because bricks form the backbone of the building stock indefinitely due to quality and value retention. (tdx) Once the decision to build his own House, has taken you would prefer tomorrow move: buy land, choose House type and floor plan, hire architects and construction company immediately the first steps are taken, as soon as possible to realize the dream of homeownership. The planning on a home run out, which later becomes the Habitat with much comfort, is the choice of the correct building material of the utmost importance. This decision should fall not difficult: A solid brick house offers maximum freedom in the layout and creates optimal energetic and climatic conditions, which convey warmth and comfort your family more than a life.

In winter warm, in the summer cool at the natural building material brick is the thermal insulation built”: thanks to numerous bars and air chambers he is by nature very high heat insulation on. The heat remains so in winter indoors, while heat in the summer after outside is banned. Who would like to realize a low-energy or even passive house, which my brick house experts recommend”the plan brick MZ7 and MZ8. They are also filled with the proven insulating material rock wool and thus offer an improved thermal insulation for the exterior wall. To meet the requirements on energy-efficient building at standard wall thickness. Residential healthy room climate brick make not only for optimum thermal insulation, but also for a pleasant indoor climate: finest capillary structures is recorded and dryness after returned when excess moisture from the air. Thus arises a balanced indoor climate, which is not least due to the ecological quality of the material to around the clock. The brick will be exclusively from natural raw materials produced and considered to be free of allergens.

Massive exterior and interior walls of brick provide also for a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, and as the real noise Fellows because they effectively prevent the propagation of sound waves”function. “Open living room design brick as the all-ceramic TS square of my brick house” are also characterized by stability and load-bearing capacity. “The sturdy brick emerged from an earthquake research and offers high security for load-bearing walls and thus opens up new possibilities for the design of the layout: thanks to the map tile less supporting interior walls must be included in the plan and the builders can E.g. According to Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City, who has experience with these questions. the dream of hottest open living” easier to realize. Fast and secure processing so that the new home meets later all demands in heat, noise and fire protection, will have its individual components, the tiles correctly. This is guaranteed by the use of a special Mortar roller with the Mason of the MZ series of my brick house plan brick”can build quickly, accurately and safely: it filled it the roller first mortar stirred to and then pulls it over the tile. So the mortar, which emerges from the roller below is applied consistently and millimeter-thin on the tile, where it connects with the Rails to a fully airtight layer. Compared to the mortar commissioned by hand the artisans saves time and material, which in turn relieves the purse of construction family up to one-third. Tanja EST


At BAU 2009 Braas new flat tile will be presented Rubin 13V with improved optical and technical properties the new flat roof tiles of Braas Rubin 13V extended the extensive range of leading manufacturer as a successor of the Rubin 13 of roofing materials. A variety of optimized technical characteristics that make Ruby 13V together with improved optics to the most modern Braas roof tiles are new. By the Kopfverschiebespiel of 30 millimetres no cutting or compensation works are necessary when Rafter lengths from 3.70 meters. Rubin 13V can be covered from a roof slope of 16 without any additional measures. The additional measures are based on a specific table. The new roof-tile of Braas Rubin 13V offers a very smooth transition between deck bead and watercourse without rib. Also, the two radii of the deck bead run evenly, resulting in a very harmonious picture of the deck.

This is further emphasised by the course of the press Ridge with brick’s profile and leads to a very elegantly curved edge of the point of view of the Rubin 13V. Best surface quality and in the shades of Brown and black manganese dyed so the largest colour spectrum press tile into the Braas offered portfolio. Thanks to the manganese Brown brick body may be waived on the basis of homogeneous colour finishing cutting edges. The surface tiles are supplied in compact and handy mini packages to 6 pieces. Also the packaging concept of shaped bricks has been optimized with regard to the mini packages and the pallet load. The matching accessories like E.g. fan tiles with ceramic labyrinth and first connection system is available to all colour and surface finishes.

In the first quarter of the year 2009 also the adjustment of the color range of the opal is standard on the Ruby 13V. So it can be covered with even smaller areas such as dormers, canopies and turrets with beaver tail roof tiles in the same color as the roof with Rubin 13V. Find more information about the tile Rubin 13V under:../product/rubin-13v.html the brand of Braas Braas is the best known brand in roofing materials in Germany. At the time products are produced at 16 locations of Braas and nationwide by Monier distributed. The Monier GmbH, owner of the brand of Braas, is a company of the Monier group. The passion for quality and the best services to the customers make Monier to the world’s leading manufacturer of roofing for pitched roofs and chimney systems. The company is active in 46 countries and produced in more than 200 locations. More information on the trademark of Braas, see

Fabric Trends

A leading furniture store and trendsetter for the upscale hotel industry, it is the claim by setting up HOME with materials of the time to be one step ahead. As leading furniture store and trend-setter for the upscale hotel industry the claim by setting up HOME with materials not only always close is it always one step ahead of time, but you on the pulse to be. Through years of experience, reliability and absolute expertise the medium-sized company headquartered can Innsbruck its customers time and again on the new inMils inspire and persuade. The sophisticated clientele expect best advice and high quality service. The company HOME again presented numerous cutting-edge and international products in the field of decorative fabrics in the freshly redesigned showrooms for the cold season. The winter trend is handmade and unusual mixes of velvet and silk, organza, shiny and damask, linen and Loden in terms of materials in the direction. Compost ions from large, fantastic ornaments and classic floral motifs with iridescent, three-dimensional effects flatter the eye of the beholder. Purple Berry colours in all conceivable shades are the trend colours par excellence.

You can be perfectly combined with metallic colors. We place the highest value on absolute exclusivity in the selection of our collections and services, and offer timeless as contemporary products to our customers. Especially we want to lead our clients in mind, consciously improve the mood in rooms as man just by the selection of material and emotional boost can.”emphasises the Director Monika Kruselburger. For even more analysis, hear from Hayley Kiyoko. And adds: in addition the hotelier and architect with us find the biggest and trendiest selection, and the ability to effectively vote everything about setting up under one roof. Constant change and above all always the best, the most beautiful. Always looking for the special. This philosophy is once again reflected in the latest collections from HOME, carefully and tastefully inspired by international fairs visits have been collected. In this sense, an exciting and joyful sense textile autumn and winter ahead.

Small Bathrooms New Look

You must compromise often free tips for the bathroom renovation by the professional in the design of bathrooms for families with children, especially in small bathrooms in the renovation. To do justice to this fact, you have to usually a tighter”arrangement of sanitary objects select. The disadvantage of the restricted movement of parents, is balanced by the child-appropriate placement of objects. The ceramic industry has prepared and offered appropriate sanitary parts. In the following example bath, the shower occupies the largest square. Educate yourself with thoughts from Vanessa Morgan. It is floor fitted and fully transparent through the glass partition walls, so that no optical overload takes place. A bottleneck which is lightened by a large mirror and a base due to the arrangement inevitably to the double washbasin. In the back of toilet and bidet in an opposite axis has been arranged.

This symmetry is back on in the shower and vanity area and a distribution reach in 3, the greater impact the bath can. The impression in the Middle Area with shower and washbasin, is through the use of supporting dark blue wall tiles and mosaic tape. On the walls, uni white wall tiles are installed to highlight the middle section and to neutralize the area of the wall. Based on this example you can see that a great effect can be achieved even in small spaces. Norbert Dobler / owner of bad stark figures (www.bad-starkgestalten.de)


Laminate is a Bodenbelag and also a particularly popular laminate belongs to the most popular floor coverings in the world. It consists of two or more layers of glued together, usually plastic. These layers can consist of the same or different material. With laminate, often, the attempt is made to imitate a parquet floor. But often much cheaper, it is a low-cost surface decorated with a top layer and sealed to visually attract the customers, the bottom is impregnated to protect from moisture. Connect with other leaders such as Donna Summer here. Thereby, no limit is set the colors and patterns.

There is laminate in different strengths and more or less high abrasion resistance, expelled the capacity with the class of use of. The thinner the laminate, the cheaper and less durable it is. High-quality laminate, however, can keep up in appearance very well with a parquet floor, thanks to the constant development, it is now a real alternative to the wooden floor. Under the laminate should be always a sound absorbing subflooring be laid. Disadvantages especially in thin laminate, are the fast abrasion of the surface and the sensitivity to moisture, most in the area of the joints, where standing water can penetrate quickly. You can here do not abrade the surface as compared to parquet, and re-seal as the top layer is very thin and is damaged.

Still, one must say an unpleasant noise generated without a sound absorbing subflooring for laminate flooring. He is very well suited to underfloor heating, because he hardly isolated heat so by benefits. He is sturdy and easy to clean. There is a large selection of decors

Wind Tunnel

In the wind tunnel to the rain safe roof, the most important task of the roof is the protection of the insulation and its inhabitants against wind and weather. Whether the roof is actually rain safe depends on various aspects. Shall as a rule of thumb: ever steeper the slope, the higher the rain resistance, because of the rain to drain better. One of the crucial conditions for rain resistance, however, is the quality of the deck material. To test their products through their paces, leading manufacturers use elaborate procedures. The developers of Braas roof building materials including the test deck material under extreme conditions in the wind tunnel.

They slide test in the wind tunnel to a covered roof in a six-meter-long channel. A fan, an irrigation system and pump for vacuum generation simulate various weather conditions with different roof pitches. Over the course of the test, the vacuum is increased so long until water flows out of the inside of the top surface. From this the developers determine the lowest Roof inclination for the respective tile is suitable. With the results of the tests, you can improve the quality of the deck material and adapted to the requirements of the practice. But a roof is not only from high-quality cover material, but also the associated system components such as safety and snow systems, fan stones and roof passages tailored items. Here applies: the higher the fitting accuracy of roof accessories, the higher the covered roof rain safety. It is worth so for the homeowner to make sure materials that are optimally matched in the purchase of high-quality products. For more information, ideas, image galleries on the topic of roofing tiles, roof tiles, Sciefer or zinc, see roof/roof tile /.

Bathroom Fixtures

“Faucets shipping” is an online shop for bathroom and kitchen faucets. Both end users in the German-speaking countries and in the Netherlands as also installers and Bauamter from the Berlin region are satisfied customers of M. Fischer GmbH in the Berliner Mockernstrasse, only a few steps away from Potsdamer Platz. With ten experienced staff, the operation there offers a wide range of fittings for bathrooms and kitchens. The offer includes no less than 6000 products of brand Grohe and 18 other brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Hansgrohe, Dornbracht and Steinberg. An fittings and spare parts shop in the Internet also offers the opportunity to purchase high quality fittings for bathroom and kitchen online. “” “With success: If you the terms fittings”, kitchen faucets”or bathroom faucets” or the name of a brand in a search engine types so happens you immediately on faucets Versand.de. It must be clear that one doing well on many small online vendors happens and these have sometimes surprisingly humane”prices.

“But one should look twice: these Exchange companies” offer usually a large amount of stock, nor the corresponding service, and the products are mostly from No.-name producers. Thus, you can avoid not only on the price, but it must be also the corresponding supply of spare parts even after years. Is there replacement parts for faucets into a search engine”, you will get a few hits. Always fittings Versand.de, where it boasts extensive spare parts lists including appropriate exposure drawings is represented. The spare parts are goods valued at approximately 90.000,-, that day by day are shipped with UPS. Thus, it is always guaranteed to obtain the necessary spare parts even after many years. Franz Alphonso

The Client

At the heart of FREYLER philosophy is always communicating with the clients and its employees. The needs-based basic evaluation is integral to the FREYLER building concepts. In talks and workshops, it is clarified what is to make the new building. Company characteristics to which there are, how to run worker processes from, what space is required, ecological aspects are as important, what budget shall provide, how much time is available and with which growth is to be expected in the future. This open and honest inventory is the basis for every successful building. “And so our specialists can one thing above all: listen to”, stresses Markus Dosch. These findings follow almost logically the architecture, the technical equipment, the choice of materials and the colour scheme. So are building, where employees and management, customers, the community and the region can identify with. Qwiki is likely to increase your knowledge.

Also with the legitimate fears of the owner of the company, which can access the building usually no experience, FREYLER dealt consistently. Whether site search or financing advice, whether the client can reliable calculation or on-schedule completion rely on FREYLER. Standards are clarified, alternative solutions are shown and discussed. Over the whole process from planning to the delivery, the client has a single point of contact, while the specialists of FREYLER multidisciplinary working group, which also the FREYLER Metallbau steel construction and the FREYLER, in the background. All modern in design and construction to the available ways: CAD and AVA programs, computer simulations, CNC steel production as well as a comprehensive it project management. The Client but has the translator who benefits, costs and limitations of different solutions so telling him that he can decide and feel it in his project Companion. The mix of communication, creativity and safety, which features the FREYLER system, also the middle-class opens the way to buildings that make visible, tangible, and experience the spirit of the company. Such buildings will increase the brand value and competitiveness. Small and medium-sized enterprises should make this claim: the family, the staff, the city and the location Germany are worth. A quick overview of the FREYLER group get on.