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Print24.com Launches The New Scope

News from the print24.com, Europe’s leading online printer print24 has the launch of their new features news & blog”completed and offers a blog for creative and print in addition to daily news and reports from Internet, media and print. An up-to-date and comprehensive intelligence launches print24 with his new feature news & blog”. Here are reported daily hot topics from the fields of Internet, media and print. In addition, serves the area news & blog”creative and print buyers online reference for design tutorials, templates, as well as tips and tricks for working with graphics. The new offer complete periodic sweepstakes and promotions. So readers could win the new Apple iPad and do something for the earthquake victims of Haiti’s in a charitable action until recently.

About businesses and individuals including can calculate online flyers, business cards, stationery, postcards, posters, leaflets, brochures and more and order. Jeffrey Bewkes often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The free print24 freedesign software with countless free design templates allows also laypeople, quite yourself online to make. Internet: about print24 print24 is a company of the unitedprint.com SE – Europe’s market leader in the field of web-to-print. More than 400 employees work for the customers of 24 Hours around the clock with the latest technology on over 10,000 m m of production area. The sites are located in 21 countries, including the American, Canadian and European cities Seattle, Calgary, Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Luxembourg, Warsaw, Prague, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisbon and Athens.

Internet Versandhaus IDAS

IDA world AG: 14 days free on all branded offer for only 19.90 euros Zurich, September 2009: as the world’s first last-minute auction house advanced the IDA world AG its offering is now available to auctions for the flat-rate tariff. For a cheap 14-day package, users who free of charge and as often as they want opportunity on branded goods like iPods, WII consoles or other attractive products have to offer. 10 penny auctions, 1-penny auctions and speed auctions Internet Versandhaus IDAS world AG offers its customers already today a wide variety of auction types, which provide first-class opportunities around the clock for bargain purchases. To make it now even more exciting and flexible participation in the auctions of iPods, games consoles and mobile phones, the IDA world AG team has decided to enable the bid on the basis of a fixed lump sum without the obligations of a subscription customers now. So the user can since September at the IDA world AG for only 19.90 euro in a period of two weeks on offer any number of items from different product lines and thus perceive their chances of branded entertainment electronics or merchandise vouchers at particularly favourable conditions. Basically the flat-rate auctions expire as quickly as the traditional live auctions, which of course still starts the IDA world AG. Immediately after online registration and login, each flat rate user can conveniently browse the portal of the IDA world AG by products of his preference and inform themselves on the basis of the detailed item description of their properties. What articles, the flat-rate function is activated, is to realize that the IDA world AG used to identify this specific auction type for the customer already at the first glance on a red icon.

A user at the IDA world AG opts for a flat-rate product, the submission of his bid shall be as usual by simply clicking on the appropriate button. With this click, the flat rate user increases the price of the product 10 cents, without that cost him for this commandment is the decisive advantage of the flat rate, which pays primarily for active much bidding. However, the flat-rate auctions offer more tangible benefits the clients of IDA world AG. So the IDA world AG the auction duration for the flat-rate offers is significantly shorter, why the auction participants often only for a few must be minutes logged in successfully to provide items of his choice. At the same time benefits of flat rate users from all services, which guarantees the IDA world AG for their regular auctions, including the convenient payment via PayPal, claim the original product and the free replacement in case of complaints. The IDA world AG in the IDA world company is a professional supplier of Internet auctions for items in the areas of consumer electronics, PC hardware, digital photography and other product categories. Only high-quality branded goods is auctioned off by the IDA world AG. Currently the IDA world AG recorded a 30% monthly Growth rates and is currently planning the Europe-wide expansion of the already very successful in Germany business model.

The Mobile Online Shop Tellto.de Is The Shop Usability Winner 2009

in the category of telecommunications – capitalizes service Hanover – within the framework of the Internet world trade show in Munich the mobile online shop was awarded telecommunications 2009 tellto.de as customer-friendly online shop in the Division with the shop usability award. The shop usability award is an initiative of the shop Magnifier GmbH the usability service providers. The award was awarded for the first time in 2008 and has encountered overwhelming interest in the shop Beteibern. Get more background information with materials from Walt Disney. The 400 shop submissions were divided into 12 categories, 5 stores were nominated for each category and presented to the jury. The jury put together which including flax by Google Germany from 9 people from Peter Hoschl shopanbieter.de, John Altmann Shoplupe, Ulrich Hafenbradl, Managing Director of trusted shops, Dominik Grollmann, editor-in-Chief, Internet world business, and Stefan.

The jury evaluated the user-friendliness and clarity, as well as the expiry of the order and the representation of the product. Discovery Communications describes an additional similar source. We are very pleased that to our efforts and steady Further developments have paid off”, so the Managing Director Lena Armbrecht. the online shop was tellto.de at the start of 2007. It entered last year 30 at the shop usability Award 2008 directly from 0 at the TOP. This year the online shop made a on the first place in the category of telecommunications. Already working on countless other store improvements and simplifications for the customers.

Us still the motto is: the customer is King. If customers have ideas how we can help you purchase, we look forward to your suggestions”, so Managing Director Lena Armbrecht. About tellto.de: The online shop tellto.de was founded in 2007 and enjoys increasing popularity since then. It offers mobile phones from the House of BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and contracts of all German network operators (T-Mobile, Vodafone, BASE, ePlus, O2), he gives a broad overview of the range of services in the field of mobile telephony. With just a few mouse clicks the order is placed online, around the clock, quickly and reliably. The personal data are transfered this encryption via SSL. Of any change in the status, the customer will be informed automatically via eMail. Customer service is open Monday to Sunday from 7:00 23:00 under 01805 835586 (0.14 / min. from a German landline. The price may vary for calls made from mobile networks) can be reached. eMails are answered within 24 hours. Press contact: oneMile – Lena Armbrecht Tel.: + 49 511 26292875 fax: + 49 511 26292876 email: Internet: presse.oneMile.de

Germany Companies Give Away Billions Of Euros!

Professional Web controlling urgently required! Landshut: Years Frank Witte, Managing Director of the company focuses on Web – analysis in Landshut, with this topic and says clearly: “who runs business, not coming to professional Web optimization”! The company Web – analysis is specialised in advisory services to improve online performances. Even about half of large corporations, the wishes of their customers without Web controlling and therefore the possibility to understand or to customize their Web pages on a better usability. At shop around 10% of the user exit shopping alone because of complicated registration forms systems prematurely. “It is often only small things, the Einkaufswillige on the final stop. Them to recognize and optimize the website brings significant sales potential”, forecasting, Managing Director of Web Analytics, Frank Witte. A good Web controlling solution determined one not only basic information such as entry and exit pages Visitors or the pages that are called during the site visit. It parses the information deeper, to help answer the two most important questions such as shop operator: how to get visitors to my site and how I move them to the shopping? Competent individual support together with the use of appropriate software provides crucial information: about the keywords most visits come from where, to the number of page views the sales cause, promising user profiles, purchase orders, revenues and results of the implemented marketing campaigns, to the most successful affliates and keywords, the ratio of new to regular customers as well as to the sale of individual products by category, Categories, order number or article positioning, and much more. A detailed inquiry together with a concise treatment of the results provides concrete recommendations for action to the gradual optimization of the website.

Only 25% of all German banks and utilities targeted insert Web controlling. Many medium-sized companies completely renounce their Internet presence with the help of Web analytics success control. “With qualified IT consulting staff/indoor local we want to increasingly show interested customers the possibilities of Web – Analytics and offer solutions that are tailored to them. To do this we are looking for nationwide about 10 more employees who fit in our local service team and want to work with us in the long term”, says Frank Witte.

Cooperation Between VICO Research & Consulting And Etracker

With etracker social analytics companies maintain Web 2.0 at a glance Leinfelden – Echterdingen, 26.10.2012 – as pioneers in the field of social media market research and monitoring is VICO research & Consulting GmbH for expertise, quality and experience. These innovative services were relevant, rather some time ago for internationally active corporations there will be forward-looking increasingly for small and medium-sized enterprises located on the new platforms parquet safe to move. VICO won an important strategic partner research and consulting with the etracker GmbH. The etracker GmbH from Hamburg is a Europe’s leading provider of products and services for the optimization of websites and online marketing campaigns (www.etracker.com) with more than 110,000 customers. Together, social Analytics is designed to combine social media data and Web-controlling information. The result is a comprehensive monitoring tool the posts from Facebook, Twitter, Google + or XING, but also from blogs, forums, valuation and price portals captured. This information may relate to the company or the competitors.

Through an analysis of the obtained data, companies can anticipate what will be said about their brand and products and take appropriate action. A focus is this valuable information to offer in particular small and medium-sized businesses. The initiative to this far-reaching cooperation and active support of the initiation of the two companies was carried out by Sascha Adam, marketing and strategy consultant: “the combination of Web and social media monitoring is the basis for consistent KPI calculations and measures derived from. All the more I am, that combine both companies certainly can be counted as a pioneer in your respective disciplines, their expertise and their services in this area.” With etracker social Analytics, companies, for the large and costly solutions are oversized, now benefit from a comprehensive tool for the monitoring of the activities. With etracker social Analytics to target precisely control their social media activities company, to make fans valuable prospects and loyal customers. Furthermore, etracker offers its customers through the cooperation with VICO research & consulting in also expert advice and additional services in the field of social media marketing, controlling and analysis.

Corporate Communications Made Easy

More and more companies recognize the advantages of online printing catalogues, information sheets, direct mailings, greeting cards, flyers and leaflets the events to which companies honor their customers with post, also in the online age, are varied and numerous. The classic customer response (letter) paper is yet long not passe. Thanks to this also the Web-based automated print production, which enjoys growing popularity. Web-to-print solutions greatly simplify the processes: the company needs only some standards to define the implementation do any staff and specialized service providers completely independently. Who regularly supplies its customers with printed matter, can save time, money and nerves in this way.

Impressive increase in printed media is the trend toward outsourcing unmistakably: A study of Canon Europe/InfoTrends according to 14 per cent of the print order were processed in 2008 in Europe by Internet solutions. For the year 2010, the study predicts a share of 33 percent, which corresponds to a value of more than EUR 10.5 billion. This increase of 135 percent only two years impressively how seminal fact is the topic of Web-to-print. Automated individuality means unique to the current band of Web-to-print. His publication, the user can at any time and from everywhere from within an online-print portal design.

For this he needed any expertise because he has an easy to use editor and a modular system with ready-made templates available. CBS insists that this is the case. These he adapted to his needs and gives them shape with his own text and image content. A professional graphic designer must only be of users when it comes to design new devices. As much freedom as possible, as much as necessary especially in large companies, the low vote needed for Web-to-print speaks control: All departments, branches or external partners can largely autonomously perform their own marketing campaigns and still be reliably complied with all corporate design guidelines. The entire process is much less error-prone and yet the greatest possible flexibility.

Meinestadt.de Cooperates With IZettle

Mobile card payment enables simple and secure acceptance of card payments Siegburg, Germany, September 30, 2013; The theme mobile card payment is in Germany still at the beginning. Mobile card payments just for the trade and local services have many advantages. meinestadt.de therefore cooperates with iZettle, Europe’s leading provider in the mobile card payment. Together, it developed an offer that makes it easy and cheap to get company. “When meinestadt.de applies mobile first’ and in this context also mobile card payment”, as Georg Konjovic, Chief Executive Officer of meinestadt.de. We want to help you get started in the digital future SMEs matching offers. in this context “iZettle is a strategic partner for us.

iZettle delivers the innovative solution, meinestadt.de is the expert for the targeting,”so Andreas Barthelmess, Managing Director of iZettle. This is a very meaningful cooperation, to increase the acceptance of cards in Germany together.”is in the area for 17 years meinestadt.de regional and local Internet active. It is now first point of contact for regional information for all cities and towns in Germany with over 225 million pageviews monthly. In the course of a reorganization, meinestadt.de increasingly bundles offers for SMEs in the areas of online and mobile marketing, mobile recruitment, mobile card payments and related topics. Overall, the portal as a partner for companies of all sizes who want to support the success of their business on the spot digital positions itself. How it works simple and mobile acceptance of card payments: the mini chip card reader iZettle meinestadt.de offers to its customers at special rates, suitable both for iOS – Android powered devices.

The card reader is connected via the headphone access to Smartphone or Tablet and can be used directly as a mobile card terminal. Entrepreneurs can take card payments so everywhere. For the paying everything as before remains. The system for debit cards as well as all popular can be used Credit cards.


“The need to use professional advice centres on requests lacking there not and the number of the Advisor” is enormously high. Call blond braid, shooting star, Mamarosi or PAL Papa, are certainly seasoned parents with many years of experience, but look back just on their own promotion and education practice in their family, to their specific circumstances, in their individual communities. Nevertheless, visit these forums as advisory”and give diverse advice; exclusively derived from their situation, their personal parent-child relationship and their unfortunately not academic education and knowledge. However, is nothing to object if the questioner would like to know for example only: your gifted child is so rapidly bored in the classroom? You can recommend which book as a guide for parents? Know your contact for an opinion on the highly gifted in the postcode area 18522? It is however problematic if questions in depth, if it content of Touch personality development, personality development, so basically taken pedagogical psychological aspects of affect or even explicitly concern. What do I do if… What should I do if… It is true, either way… ? “” Such questioners seek no pure functionality in the response in terms of indifferent instructions as for the questions 1 to 3, where it only to Yes “or no” would go and order a little illustration in the formulation of the answer.

This questioner seek practical guidelines in the sense of responsible, assisting and promoting dealing with her own gifted or highly gifted child. In this respect must of course be asked, why seeking advice contact with this claim not to an individual effective consulting institution but on a mass-effective forum. For several reasons, caution is advised, in this matter, if one necessarily wants to turn as Ratsuchender on a forum. First reason: several Advisor are unfortunately a fallacy, if they believe that their experience one to one on other constellations, it is feasible.