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Acute Abdominal Pain !

One of the major causes of income in emergency rooms or doctors’ offices is acute abdominal pain of sudden onset and unknown cause. The same is initiated in the upper middle abdomen (epigastric) of mild intensity of such crushing or burning on other occasions, that over the next 4 to 6 hours the pain migrates to the lower right (right lower quadrant ) on occasions beginning in this site, but mild intensity is increasing. In this part of the clinical picture is crucial, most of the patients and family self-medicate or go to the pharmacy where he recommends: analgesics, antispasmodics, digestive enzymes or antibiotics, so that the presentation fails to follow its evolution as it is , ie it covers and the symptoms disappear for a few hours. The recommendation is that before a picture of acute abdominal pain go to doctors for advice or to the nearest medical facility for clinical assessment and complemantary tests to rule out acute appendicitis is the most common cause frequent episodes of acute abdominal pain and abdominal operations. Appendicitis is characterized by tenderness in the lower right (McBurney +), pain when decompressing sharply in the same area (Blumberg +), migration of pain in times to the right lower quadrant, nausea, vomiting by one occasion, lack of appetite, the blood test is: leukocytosis (greater than 10,000) (greater than 75%), oral temperature greater than 37 C, pain on passive movement of the right leg or walking. Among the additional tests also have it which is of great value to arrive at a diagnosis of the cause of abdominal pain, which in combination with the blood and physical examination, the patient will have to act immediately, whether medical or surgical treatment .

The fatal complication in diagnosis is a Peritonitis is the rupture of the appendix with fecal output and contamination of the abdominal cavity, complicate surgery and hospital stay are occasions that jeopardizes the patient’s life. Therefore, before an acute abdominal pain is best not to self-medicate and go as soon trust your doctor or health center to avoid dire consequences and it is best to receive prompt medical treatment.. .

Wear Points

Perforated score simulators, or perforated glasses are sunglasses with opaque plastic inserts instead of lenses having a large number of small holes. The diameter and location of the holes is chosen in After lengthy experimentation, and provide the maximal benefit. Therapeutic effect of the application points of simulators is that their eyes are forced to use a reflex tuned the transition of focus from one hole to another, that without your coaching eye muscles, which provide the correct operation of the eye. With regular use of perforated score-simulator 15 – 30 minutes a day, as well as perform some simple exercises for the eyes, help to strengthen your eye muscles, improve your eyesight and keep it off. Points Fitness is also an indispensable tool for relaxation and eye fatigue and stress at the end working day. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City takes a slightly different approach.

Naturally, we are not saying that these glasses simulators are a panacea for all ills of your, but thousands of people they really helped. Try it! Firms chsto data points are ordered in bulk – this is a great option relaxation in the recess obedzhennom, especially coupled with health benefits. Check your eyes Pin control card to control the view, placed on the reverse side of these instructions on the wall at distance of 3.5 meters. Remove your glasses and look at the map. Note how a string of letters you see clearly. Remember her number (on the right is from the line). Assessing the impact points of simulators Wear goggles for eye simulators.

Bee Venom

Using bee venom in medical practice began in ancient Mesopotamia, states, in India, China, Greece, mainly in the form of rubbing. The writings of Hippocrates, Pliny, Galea, and other great physicians of the last states to therapeutic properties of honey bee yadai. For example, Galen recommended to use them to improve hair growth and to eliminate baldness. Bee sting long used in folk medicine in many countries. From reliable literary sources that the bee uzhalniyami have been cured of a painful gout Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible and Swedish to the role of Charlemagne. Poison designed to protect the bee family from its enemies, including the bees another hive to steal honey and propolis. L.

Langstroth, the inventor of the American framework hive, wrote: "The sting of bees, of which many are so afraid, she needs to defend itself. Without this tip, the temptation to be submitted for honey man killed a bee. " Treatment was introduced by bee stinging in the late 30's. The effectiveness of the one whom the treatment was noted in diseases of the peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, neuritis, neuralgia) pain in the joints, as well as rheumatism and allergic diseases. In our time, despite the presence of a large arsenal of hormonal drugs, antibiotics and other potent new chemotherapeutic drugs, Bee venom is among the most effective treatments, the use of which are expanding. Bee venom has successfully withstood the test of time, and nowadays it is quite deservedly, many physicians, scientists, researchers are considered among the most precious treasures of traditional medicine. Bee venom is a transparent, slightly yellowish liquid with a pungent bitter taste and strong smell. Venom contains about 40% solids and in air quickly solidifies.

Highly soluble in water and acid. Not soluble in alcohol. In the dry form of bee venom did not lose their core properties for a long time. It has a high surface tension. By the very Important properties of bee yadaotnositsya its ability to stimulate the activity of the pituitary-adrenal system, to provide antiarrhythmic action, dilates blood vessels of the brain. Official site: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. The scientists found that bee venom also has radioprotective (antiradiation) properties. More than 50 years for scientists to work to about the chemical composition of bee venom.

Federal Institute

And of particular importance, this work was in terms of getting rid of infectious outbreaks. Help. Plague killed hundreds of thousands of lives, and the bacteria become the world’s biological weapons, protection against which is not the eyes of the commission, he drank a glass with strains of Vibrio cholerae, and their number was so large that it could destroy more than 2,000 soldiers. And then – washed down with two glasses of laktokvashi (milk fermented lactic acid bacillus), and – remained alive … From this it follows that these lactobacilli to do for society today available. A hundred years we have revived the production of these bacteria to the public, as Prevention requires everyone on the basis of the Russian words Genius – Mechnikov (1908). “…

As soon as the child taken away from the breast, we should start giving him lactobacilli for rich quality of life and longevity.” Research on the effectiveness of the method “Oseyanie” performed by physicians and product of lactic acid bacteria, on the recommendation made by Metchnikoff, the extract of cereals in health procedure “OSEYANIE” will help solve the above problem. The mechanism of action method is simple – to accept the proposed starter, “Oseyanie” restore personal microbial flora of man. Teach a person to remain aware of your state of conscious thought and control it during the day. This behavior, which reproduce and permission to use the Russian Institute of Nutrition M. Conducted extensive testing for over 10 years.

Active users – 100 000. The technology is based on studies of acidophilic flora in humans and animals Federal Institute especially – pure preparations STDs, Cancer Center, St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy, children’s clinics, STD, and volunteers RMA practice Mechnikov. The method developed at the psychological faculty of Saint Petersburg University. Justification of the method. A new view on the life of the bacteria in the human body came from observations and experiments using freeze-ferment of lactic acid bacteria. It was found that lactobacilli well into the blood and lymph through the oral mucosa. After 2 minutes, the blood is saturated with them to 2% or more. SEPSIS IS NO NOT FOUND! Blood non-sterile … In humans, there is the rise of the activity of interferon. That is, the introduction of an incentive for defense reactions. Later the body itself is cleared of pathogens, even viral. We recommend that leaven “Oseyanie” bury his nose in a dilution of warm water – 1 part bottle 3p. per day. You can just put a grain of sublimate under the tongue. Simple use of lactobacilli may form the basis for the prevention of all types of acute respiratory infections and influenza. Lactobacilli “OSEYANIE” positively affect the mucous membranes nose and throat (mucous membrane and any region of the human body). The best option was the introduction of rectal – 1 fl. Diluted with water to 50 ml and in the evening. More accessible, it turned out, holding the throat mix sublimate “OSEYANIYA” diluted raw water vial -1. 200-300 ml. and after swallowing thickened. And so during the day. Kind of monitoring of lymph in the mouth, gives account of its quick handling and fast purification of intracellular spaces of all body tissues. SECOND STAGE OF THE PROCEDURE involves voice biorhythm bacteria. “ORTOBIOZ” – so called it Metchnikoff and a healthy lifestyle is needed to save life dominant microflora of the human body. At the seminars Mechnikovskogo motion is studied in detail. There will be a leading – focus on abdominal breathing continuously.

Asian Health Products

In the U.S., they take 80 percent of the population. In Europe, slightly smaller, but still more than half. In Japan, employers are denied the applicant a job if it does not consume dietary supplements, because the man-eating wrong, is prone to frequent illnesses. In Russia, support themselves biocorrectors only 5 percent of the people. But in Japan the average age of 90 years, and we men do not short of the 60. Recipe two: take dietary supplements should be only those that are present in the markets of developed countries.

Chinese health products about which I was ever told you, came first on the markets of USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. One of my friends said I should not show certificates, it is enough that these products take the "sworn friends" Chinese, the Japanese. Jack dorsey is likely to increase your knowledge. Russia was only the 28th country in its path, and she came here not through backdoor, front door, at the invitation of the Russian government, giving himself the certification to the Chief Medical Administration and are registered in all registration authorities – the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of of Taxation, etc. In short, if a representative of any company touts its product to you, ask him: but some of the markets it is present? That's all. Because it may happen that this product is only created and we tested. And I hope you like and I do not want to be guinea pigs. Recipe Three: from herbal recipes, homeopathy, nutritional supplements do not expect a rapid effect, both on the pill: drank, and the pain was gone.

The pain is gone, and the problem remained. Pain or other authority that says that it is not all right, that he expects us to care, and we took the pill and cut off his tongue. If you are not convinced, visit Leslie Moonves. Body still hurts, but tell us nothing is impossible. And when still roared, is that too late. Recipe for a fourth, if the twentieth century called the century of vitamins, HH1 – Age balanced cellular nutrition. We lack the enzymes in the body, even to learn a multivitamin, and buying them, we simply throw money in the trash. Recipe Four: There are three phases of the disease. Meridian – where in the body are small, almost imperceptible irregularities that have not even diagnosed, but there were some spots on the skin, white spots on nails, steel nails break and split hairs, warts, or papillomas grew. The second phase – functional – they begin to break down body function is: insomnia, constipation, jumping blood sugar levels, blood pressure. And the third stage – the stage of organic change, when diagnosticians are already calling the man a diagnosis. Our task – to teach a person to stop, to localize the disease in the first two stages, profilaktirovat future functional disorders. Here our recipes are triggered by one hundred percent. And this work does not require a budget, administrative decisions, political will and others not depending on us for objective reasons. It rests on pure enthusiasm of the population. Want to be healthy enough. And remember: 1 ruble invested in prevention saves dozens of rubles per treatment. At the end of another anecdote. Family Doctor dines. A knock at the door. Opens, is a skeleton. A doctor in exasperation: "Well, damn, that's so ever. Driven to the last, and then come …. " I wish you health and prosperity. KalinTIENS. My website:


Bioresonance diagnosis – this is one of the methods of medical computer diagnostiki.Polnoe medical examination rights. (Diagnosis of the whole body in one visit), he performed in a specialized unit Metatron 21 (Oberon). The unit is conducting a survey of the whole organism at the cellular level in adults, children and pregnant women. Brief description of the method: Bioresonance (or vegetorezonansnaya) diagnosis, an advanced method 'Foll' if you've heard of it before. The bottom line is that every virus, bacterium, parasite, every organ and system has its own specific frequency. Determining the actual frequency of the body can identify a body is not healthy or a parasite settled in their favorite organism. Visit Robert Iger for more clarity on the issue. The site of our Center Bioresonance diagnosis of the organism is an indisputable fact that prevention is easier and cheaper than a pound of cure later. Modern medicine, especially in hostile environment metropolis, is based on two key concepts – diagnosis and prevention! Factor saving time – it is one of the most important requirements of modern society to achieve progress in medicine.

'C Alas, this certainly is our reality. Whereas previously there was no other choice but to spend a few days in the clinic, with obscure symptoms for you, not knowing which doctor go, surrendering necessary and unnecessary tests on the floor year and looking forward to receiving all the experts, but now you can replace it all, make an appointment at our center for computer testing in our center you will pass the full high-quality medical diagnosis for a short time – up to 2 hours. Admission is strictly by appointment, which frees you from waiting in queues. Reception is the highest category of doctors, only with a lot of practice and experience. We provide advanced medical professionals to our Centre of Diagnostics in St. Petersburg.

After the examination, you get your hands on detailed information on the state of the organism with a list of possible diagnoses and noticed violations. Our expert advice – diagnostician can help you correct minor violations and to direct their steps towards recovery. In any case, all our actions are aimed at a maximum diagnosis of your body. Superb medical staff – the pride of the Medical Center. Doctors are not only highly qualified and experienced in diagnosing diseases, but above all, sensitive attention to all

Traditional Treatment Of Angina

The main symptoms – a pain in the throat, scratchy throat, headache, and then joins a pain when swallowing. The infection is localized on the tonsils, although it may hurt and tongue, larynx, nasopharynx, it is transferred from sick person, or appear out of focus of the accumulation of bacteria in diseased (eg, caries tooth injury tonsils). Patients are best displayed in a separate well-ventilated room in which to carry out wet cleaning, with a view to infection accumulate in the air in a concentrated amount, also stand out better for them to bowl. For even more opinions, read materials from WarnerMedia. running in parallel with the usual sore throat may develop more complicated forms of it: tonsillitis, which is characterized by greater severity of symptoms, a higher temperature (up to 39 and 40 C), and on the surface of the tonsils appear light-colored pustules, flegmoznaya angina may be a complication normal after the end, with swallowing and eating very difficult, extend the period amygdala on one side only. Angina can be attributed to diseases that have a lot of folk treatments, along with traditional.

The reason is that most often the lungs of its shape, which take place in 5-6 days and do not require radical treatment. As for more complex shapes, it is necessary to urgently address the infektsianistu to avoid complications such as rheumatic fever, heart, kidneys, nerves, in such cases, antibiotic therapy under the control tests. Treatment of angina becomes a big circle and techniques funds in such cases is shown with bed rest, especially when a large increase in temperature. Special diet is required, the products shown eaten fresh and the food should be warm (not cold or hot) healing effect lemon juice, dissolved in a glass of water for rinsing, tea with lemon. Still need to use for rinsing solutions furatsilina, baking soda, chlorofillipt, decoction of chamomile (1st. spoon in a glass of water) need to drink juices. Also in the Bole of bad cases, you can use vodka compress, who leave for the night, but most patsietnov subject to simple rules comes complete recovery.