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European Union

Construction – one of the toughest industries in which different technologies constantly replace each other. Nevertheless, it, like any other business, requires the standards, norms and rules which, although they are advisory in nature, but are an integral part of the design and implementation of the direct construction. Based on this need, beginning with the 70-ies of the European Union began to develop the building standards, the so-called eurocodes (EUROCODES), which are recognized throughout the eu member states. To date, developed and published ten Eurocodes: en 1990 eurocode 0, en 1991 eurocode 1, en 1992 eurocode 2, en 1993 eurocode 3, en 1994 eurocode 4, en 1995 eurocode 5, en 1996 eurocode 6, en 1997 eurocode 7, en eurocode August 1998, en 1999 eurocode 9. Each of them includes more Several standards for various construction topics.

One of the largest suppliers of building standards eurocode in Russia and the cis is a company Normdoks. With extensive experience in working with regulatory and technical documentation Normdoks you select the appropriate standard may also offer additional reference books on various subjects (metals, electrical, building materials, etc.), subject collections standards, focused on individual industries, the electronic database of standards, etc. for the Russian construction companies one of the problems in acquiring foreign standards is their right translation Russian language. Any regulatory documents, the more construction – this is primarily a technical text, and therefore the translation of technical, requiring special care and attention. The slightest inaccuracy here unacceptable.

Therefore, when choosing a translation service Eurocodes (EUROCODES) should pay special attention to the experience of the interpreter with these kinds of documents and in particular with the building regulations. Since due to the presence specific language but language skills are needed rather voluminous terminology databases, allowing to keep the unity of terminology throughout the translation process. Also worth take into account the fact that translate standard goes through several levels, most important of which is its final adjustment. Separation process in the direct translation and correction allows the customer to obtain result correctly translated document, the work which will no longer cause any difficulties. Since the company Normdoks has been working with the standards it employs a highly qualified and experienced translators specializing in various areas of activity of enterprises.

Annual Conference

The same opinion is shared by readers ECOportal.ru (), one of which is noted in the news comments: 'What will happen to the Arctic in the future, if you are already she is so polluted '. In Copenhagen, a conference on climate change in the Annual Conference on Climate Change, which opened last week in Copenhagen, has collected more than 1200 Representatives from 40 countries. Conference participants noted that climate change is caused by human activities, in particular, a significant increase in power consumption. And this problem can be solved only the combined efforts of all countries, primarily by introducing environmentally friendly technologies. Global climate changes are caused primarily to increasing greenhouse gases.

To counter these changes necessary by 2050 to cut emissions of carbon dioxide is at least two times compared to today's level, but in the long term – even more significant. The States signatory to the Kyoto Protocol, are planning to reduce emissions by 30% of required level. But much depends on the United States and China – if the U.S. will not take any steps, it will become an excuse for China. Connect with other leaders such as David Zaslav here. The conference participants expressed hope that the new president of the United State will honor its election promises regarding environmental policy. Recall that in the next decade the United States on the development of clean energy are going to allocate 150 billion dollars, planning reduce CO2 emissions by 80%. According to calculations by American economists, the use of environmentally sound technologies and application of energy-saving technologies are profitable at any scale, from private business to public economy.

Victoria Bekasova

Glazed facade allows maximum use of sunlight, which is especially important in offices of public areas. Special popular in the construction of shopping malls and business centers, today enjoys Roman invention – the atrium, a spacious room, a height of several storeys. It has the upper windows, which architects often seek extra beat in the interior. An example of the original decision is the construction of a shopping mall Ryad (Moscow). It is a dome, the outer arch inscribed with the image map Northern Hemisphere.

The dome makes one revolution per day, and specifies the time in major cities. But according to Victoria Bekasova, consultant for market research company Colliers International, the atrium is more precisely the functional load. Construction and operation of this design greatly increases the cost of the project, so its construction only for aesthetic purposes is not advisable. But the saving of electricity consumption for lighting large areas, hidden atriums, can be quite significant. In order to implement non-standard architectural ideas, is a great design work and towards the development of new variants of fixing the glass. At the moment used frame and a point (Spider-Glass) methods. In the first case, the elements are fixed on the carrier profile design, the second – attachment to the joists is carried out by means of special bolts-ties. However, In addition to mounting technology is constantly being improved and the material itself. Plate Glass has been able to change their characteristics. Despite the airy and unsubstantial "image" in the construction of it should be primarily robust and reliable.

Lyrics Or Music

Lyrics or song (s) of text for the music has always been an important component. Because the English word “lyrics” (translated: song), the actual origin of the lyrics is apparent. Works that are written in the lyrical form, also called poems. By their most consistent meter they enter in the composition not only the rhythmic structure of transport, but also information that the instruments can not be guaranteed. Lyrics appear in all genres of music. Robert A. Iger wanted to know more.

Whether tribal songs, minstrelsy, folk, classical, rock or hip-hop – all forms of the language to require a community consensus, because not everyone understands or controls the music in its original form. Lyrics are based in its purest form, either on human experience (love, separation), social life or previous, orally transmitted stories. This has been and will not infrequently to a newsletter with entertainment value. A lyrics always consists of single lines, either in Verse available in ProSales or form. These texts are usually made of verses, chorus, or transitions.

Poems often are used as lyrics, what is the composer usually easy to implement. If a song but the music is withdrawn, is changing the lyrics often a poem. Was the text in the sacred chants of the Middle Ages still superficial, it unfortunately gave way in the last 30 years to a trivial side effect. The mainstream set new accents and had the most catchy tune take its place. The avant-garde songwriter and counter-movement of the Singelbewegung however, brought forth a perfect match and exists today as an intellectual niche product in addition to official charts. All lyrics, the author was already 70 years dead, is subject to copyright. This means that all rights in the writer, unless he released them or sold to third parties. This means that it is not really possible, to publish articles free on the Internet. But an initiative from the year 2005 opposes this provision.

Vinyl Restoration And Acoustics

If you are a music enthusiast, high fidelity sound, listen on a good team every nuance of a musical performance, whether jazz, rock or classical, you probably have a large collection of CDs and some important part of her vinyl. Please visit CBS if you seek more information. Probably these are historical recordings or very appreciated and have not been reissued on CD. Without entering into the discussion in which some purists say the sound of the vinyl LP, the analog sound, sounds better than digital recordings, the truth is that the clean sound, great dynamic range and the comfortable form of CD has Vinyl LPs relegated to the past and disuse. Then we need to take those vinyl records to CD’s more manageable and comfortable. But we are looking for something more than just the transfer of the LP to digital format. We look for the blunders and shortcomings own vinyl and its wear and tear away or minimize the least, and possibly recover some of the dynamic range lost in the original recording.

For this there are companies doing this work, but the cost may be too high if they are a lot of records, or the quality of the final product delivered by the company is not satisfactory or simply do not want to risk to abuse or degrade an LP that we have saved with affection. Then, the most attractive alternative is to do this personally. If we do the work in a meticulous, professional results really surprising. For that we need, of course, software quality and lots of patience.

MusicOnHold Amplifiers

Output power of 60 and 120 W respectively, these amps have 6 inputs with individual sensitivity adjustment, input for connecting pbx, line input and output for cascading several amplifiers, five-channel selector zones, allowing selection of any of the five zones Alert or all at once, a built-gong-generators, sirens, five-channel graphic equalizer and Peak power indicator. PAM-60, PAM-120, PAM-240 and PAM-360. High output power (respectively 60, 120, 240 and 360 W), six universal inputs with individual level control and separate tone control for low, middle and high frequencies, priority input for connecting pbx, separate access to the pbx to implement the function 'MusicOnHold', selector zones for 5 channels, the linear input and output for cascading multiple amplifiers, separate adjustment volume of inputs, separate tone controls for low and high frequencies, the light output power, plug-ins, digital tuner, cd player and tape deck, plus a high quality sound and the most "authoritative" by the representatives of desktop amplifier – it's amplifiers are the characteristics of a real leader in the classroom desktop amps. In the class of desktop equipment in addition to Inter M amplifiers are present and combined devices that combine power amplifiers, tuner, tape deck or cd player. POP-30, POP-60 POP-120 – is a digital tuner with 30 radio stations, completely logical cassette player with auto reverse, plus a power amplifier for 30, 50 and 120 W respectively. This processor is endowed with three microphone inputs, the first of which is a priority, universal input selector on the two zones speakers, separate tone controls, built-in chime generator.

Musical Art

In the same way the musical art ' ' sagrada' ' it has for its objective to raise divine contemplation for being a pleasant art that provokes the emerso of the desires closest involving the being, this must approach the human being of the perfect beauty, theory this proceeding one from the existing thought in the Average Age, where the perfect beauty comes from the holy ghost. During the medieval period music becomes in service of the religion, however, such understanding is not restricted to this period, the church Catholic starts to accept the art musical and to conceive it as in service throughout the centuries and of the different societies. The moment of esplendor of music sacra appears with it sings gregoriano, one of the sources of origin of music occidental person, was spread out by Christian missionaries who covered the city of Rome during the Average Age, until today is considered one of the forms most erudite of expression of music sacra. At David Zaslav you will find additional information. From then on the solemn cults of the church and masses had passed to gain nobler aspects with entoao of cantos and accompaniments made for instruments as obos, violin, agencies and as much considered others as part of the beauty and the nobleman, as well as it would have to characterize the things related to the holy ghost, such instruments used in the sacred environment it became perceivable the noble and solemn identity that easily is associated with the sacred one. Following the dynamics of the art with sprouting of new artistic expressions, as the romantic time (Bruckner, Gounod, Cesar Franck, Saint-Sans) complementing the esplendor of the cathedrals and the varied expressions of the Baroque one (Bach, Haendel), of the Classicismo (Haydn, Mozart, Nunes Garci’a), of the Renaissance (Arcadelt, DES Prs, Palestrina) and of the Modernismo (Penderecki, Amaral Vieira). At the same time where music passes if to become each time more essential element in the cult, since this possesss the power to attract and to influence the human spirit, involving it in a referring atmosphere to the sacred one, the Church starts to take positioning, guiding the communities so that it did not have excesses.

Musical Education

Accompanied artists standing. In the evening B. Liubavskii said to her: – You are born to love songs! A brilliant pianist, gave the singer not only creative freedom, but also managed to build a concert, so that shortly V. Koshubaeva felt it, dreamed about all these years: inner freedom. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Walt Disney. Her soul is revealed, along with the voice. Community talented musician with an outstanding teacher D. Ashkenazi, who once worked with K. Read additional details here: David Zaslav. Shulzhenko, Vinogradov, Vladimir Kozin, I.

St George, V. Tolkunova gave their fruit. All voice and musical tone B. Liubavskii Koshubaevoy managed to pass as it is inherited. Professional musicians and singers were amazed at how deeply and impeccably precise singer devoted to the intonation, which conquered the audience “stars” of Soviet music. Russian folk instruments quartet “apple” in Krasnodar creative association “Premiere” asked the singer in his band. Artists have traveled from concerts entire North Caucasus. Ended their concert tour in the south of France.

Three months sang Russian romances for older people – most appreciative listeners and connoisseurs of timeless genre. Then there was the world music festival in Salzburg, Austria, in which the singer graciously invited her former singing teacher, Gertrude Troyanov. More than ten years teaching at home IV Bach a master class in the summer Music Academy of the great composer. Singer captivated audiences solar Adygea execution of Russian romances not only the audience but also experienced in this genre, critics and musicologists. From romance to romance her, and without sensuous soul unfolded like a flower: more and more. Complex vocal works, performed by it under the piano, something reminiscent of confession before God. A second National Competition Russian romance brings performers V. Koshubaevoy laureate. It is sometimes said that a victory or participation in representative competitions and festivals still nothing shows that more and difficult exam to be later take on the concert stage.

First Congress

Evolution in customer dialogue digital Darwinism future sight of dialog marketing, Hamburg, June 6, 2013 -. Under this motto the Hamburger special agency for dialog marketing, the software provider with a focus on campaign management, a joint expert conference about dialogue marketing in online trading netnomics, held together with her partner Selligent. Joeri Van den Bergh could be won for the keynote, author of the marketing bestseller how cool brands stay hot: branding to generation Y. In his short speech, the brand expert from Belgium provided interesting insights into the psychology and behavior of the Millenials. Speaking candidly Robert A. Iger told us the story. Current campaign examples he demonstrated what preferences are the generation Y and how to best target audience just appeals to them. A generation of consumers have never had so much power and freedom of choice as that generation Y. She is three times as large as the previous generation X and has a much larger impact on the society and economy is so Joeri Van the Bergh.

To remain relevant for this next generation of consumers, marketers must understand how to communicate with the Gen Y to match your branding and communication that eventually. Brands must first develop the respect of this as critical as marketing-savvy generation. 40 Representatives from eCommerce companies of various industries were been loaded on 6 June 2013 in the Hamburg Radisson Blu Hotel, to inform themselves about the latest trends and technical innovations in dialogue marketing and to Exchange. Andreas Sanchez, head of marketing and sales glasses 24, presented a best practice case the topic new customer acquisition and customer life cycle”. As an example of the current customer life cycle program the eCommerce expert with netnomics showed what target group oriented E-Mail Marketing should look like and what the ways, to efficiently exploit the own customer potential. New customer new round on the way to a long and profitable customer relationship.

National Congress

they had recorded its first compact with music ' ' Useless and Me that Tocar' ' they were so revolutionary for the time who had suffered with the censorship. ' ' Music ' ' Intil' ' provocativa&#039 had a letter well; ' people we do not know, to choose president, people we do not know to take account of people, agent we do not know nor to brush teeth, has foreigner thinking that nis it is poor, inteu! people we are inuteu! ' '. .o Ultraje the Severity during 4 years of success uninterrupted thus they provoked controversy when provoking the announced end of the official censorship with msica' ' Son of the Puta' ' that she said: ' ' To live in this country is as to have the mother in the zone, you it knows that it does not give, and still thus adores this gatona, not that I have nothing against, professionals of the bed, but they are the children of this lady, who you know as she is that she calls. .filha puta! she is all son of the Puta! ' ' , the band Offends the severity was very courageous. Analyzing histories of the Bands of years 80, he is well-known that because of its letters of musics that they had contributed for the redemocratizao of our country, acquiring knowledge the people in a half abrupt way more than arrived and fixed in the heads of the young ones to be able to fight for its right to go and to come exerting its paper of citizenship. Having as base the concept of Democracy, is very contradictory when we stop to recollect the past of our country, when Brazil lived deeply 21 years of dictatorship (1964 the 1985) if to analyze this time the people did not choose the Presidents nor Governments and the National Congress could not control the General Presidents, the people lived oppressed, the unions, the universities and the periodicals were all watched.