Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Human Rights

Interview with the Tunisian human rights activist Sami Nasr journalists and human rights activists from Tunisia is turned on the occasion of the international day of human rights and the 11th anniversary of the founding of the National Council for freedoms in Tunisia (CNLT), at the national and international public with a declaration in which they accuse the international Tunisian human rights activist Sihem Ben Sedrine including incorrect financial machinations. This took the magazine L ‘ Observateur de Tunisie\”on the occasion of an interview with the sociologist Sami Nasr, ex-reporter for the opposition journal El Mawkef and former journalist for the online magazine and radio Kalima\”, to make the allegations on the ground. Mr Nasr, why have you terminated cooperation with Sihem Ben Sedrine? The impetus is an invitation I received from the Cairo Centre for human rights. When I came when participating in the Cairo Conference on information control in the elections behind it, where was my fee, I was horrified. The IMS representative \”had made clear that the participation of our group was funded by the Danish Government, although the articles of Association of the National Council for Liberties in Tunisia\” rejects funding from public sources. I had randomly in the financial report for the year 2006 at the Washington-based organization Fund for global human rights (FGHR) \”discovered that the budget of the National Council for Liberties in Tunisia\” by Sihem Ben Sedrine 89,000 dollars estimated at was, while the actual expenses not once amounted to one-tenth of that amount. Same budget submits to other organizations, such as for example the PIDC\”, the MEPI, Societe ouverte\”, the U.S. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City.

Agency for international development\”, the National Fund for democracy, etc. I’m behind it come that she gave my annual salary with $18,000 in the report to the FGHR, i.

Management Board

Thomas Armbruster is new Member of the Management Board at metapeople. Thomas Armbruster, is new Member of the Management Board at metapeople and is responsible for finance, corporate development and human resources since 01.08.2010. The strategic development of the online marketing service provider should be promoted with the appointment of 37. For even more details, read what Gannett Co says on the issue. The studied business administration worked for UBS in the areas of business development and corporate finance. Overall, he can look back on many years of experience in the financial sector and is pleased to bring this expertise in his new occupation. “Tim Ringel and Marco Ciachera – the two founders and other business leaders of group – forward, to welcome the financial specialists on board: Thomas will actively support us, the metapeople group as the largest independent player in the field of online marketing to continue to successfully position.” metapeople as performance marketing agency offers to its network national and international agencies solutions in the areas of search engine advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, social media and online media from a single source at..

Council Consolidation

Debt consolidation is the process that helps to bind or merge various or multiple debts into a single debt. Like this, it becomes easy for the etc.(Scotland) to pay only a single debt. On these loans, the rate is lower of interest. The debts like phone bill, gas, school fees, bills of the convenience, electricity bills etc into a single and manageable loan. Sometimes, people opt for loans to meet their urgent and emergent needs. With the time period, they start forgetting to repay the installments of those loans on time, which creates a mystery. So, instead of giving them reminders daily, weekly and monthly, consolidation of debts is the best way to remind them about their debts.

In the market, highly experienced, qualified lenders are giving loans to the borrowers at reasonable Council. Loans can be simple and small for the borrower if they repaid them on time. Ignorance of these loans converts them into lengthy and huge bills. Thus, debt consolidation is the best source to combine all these debts into a single debt. Like this, it becomes easy to pay the installment of one debt instead of giving more than one debts. These loans are secured sense in nature, the you got to possess collateral.

The borrowers pledge these valuable assets as a security against the loan amount. This is the reason that these loans are less risk than other loan. The borrowers can repay the tenure of installments within a period of 3-25 years. Other option is well suited for borrowers who do not have collateral to possess against the loan. This is well known by name of unsecured debt consolidation. The repayment process is kept easy so that borrowers can repay the amount according to their convenience. The time period ranges from 6 months-10 years. Most of the people think that people who have bad credit history like’ CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults can not avail these loans. Well, that fact is not true as these people can merge their multiple debts into a single at comparatively higher rate of interest. By repaying their installments on time they can improve their bad credit score. To know more about this subject visit Sean Rad, New York City. Instead of standing in long lines, you can check out the debt consolidation option from internet. The online financial market offers numerous lenders with different quotations. So, it advised to compare and contrast the rate for a better deal. John Mathew is author of no credit Check Debt Consolidation.

Red Card

SPD-voters for the Tempelhof airport! \”Michael Paul, by the initiative of SPD voters for Tempelhof\”: the Berlin politicians, especially the ladies and gentlemen chosen by us in the SPD and the left should remember that there was always premature closure of institutions or demolishing buildings in recent history. \”the Berlin Palace is called as an example that although wore after the war damage: a demolition was not necessary. In the course of history, followed by the construction of the Palace of the Republic. The demolition of the Palace followed after the turn against the resistance of the former citizens of the GDR\”, so Paul thought about continue today to restore the facade of the Castle, because it fits better than everything else in the environment. The complete demolition of the Anhalter railway station was a similar mistake.

And also the demolition of the Palace of sport is not a glorious chapter of Berlin politics. In its place, the so-called \”social Palace\” in the Schoneberg district is now: grey concrete walls, satellite dishes on the balconies. besmeared facades. The regular headlines associated with this construction in conjunction are increasing crime, vandalism and neglect. Taken a social focal point and an urban eyesore. A similar fate awaits Tempelhof. With the closure of the airport, neglect and decay threatens the system first. If you have read about Sean Rad, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

There are sufficient examples in Berlin. Therefore, the ideal and most effective conservation is keeping the original use. The airport Tempelhof belongs to this city as the Glienicke bridge, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building! Berlin-Johannisthal airfield was built after the turn and nothing reminds us more of this traditional village. Also in Munich-riem reminds little of the former Munich Airport.

Hanze University Groningen

Designers and materials expert AART van Zoo Bakare taught at University of Groningen as a guest lecturer in 2008 / 2009 Hamburg, September 2008 the online platform materialstories.com himself to September with new features is back: the portal of the Dutch industrial designer and materials expert AART van Zoo Bakare sees itself as a source of inspiration to the interplay of materials and design. All news, trends and case studies on the website are free to access, the blog informed every day about new developments in material and design. Check out Anthony Joseph Scirica for additional information. I look at the design process from the perspective of the material and try to exploit its potential”, says van Zoo Bakare. The right material can create new opportunities for the customers in the design and manufacturing process, which has previously not even considered it.” Material stories offers services in the fields of competence of brand consultancy, design and material research. In the coming winter semester, van Zoo Bakare teaches Academy of Visual Arts & design in Groningen as a guest lecturer at the Minerva. There conveys van Zoo Bakare as of September 2008 the budding young designers thought in interior design and places the focus on sustainable design. The College is part of the Hanze University Groningen, one of the largest and most prestigious universities for applied arts in the Netherlands (www.hanze.nl).

Already in the summer semester of 2007 van Zoo Bakare taught at the Hamburg University of applied sciences (HAW) and the Hochschule fur Kunste Bremen. Also van Zoo Bakare gives a lecture at the invitation of Bayern innovative on October 22 in Rosenheim in this year’s trade fair interior/furniture and interior design”on the strategic use of materials in design and branding. This addressed the material 2007 stories exhibition material & identity”(www.materialidentity.com) during the Hamburg design festival map. Rosenheim van Zoo Bakare using best practices will show up competitive advantages deriving from the use of material in products (program: events). About “AART: the Dutch Designer AART van Zoo Bakare (32) founded 2005 material stories”.

Van Abbe Zoo Yens experiences in design and design management combines the portal and his passion for materials. Van Zoo Bakare sees his task is to inspire the best material in the design process and on the other hand its usage to enable.

English Silverstone

The ORECA-Matmut team supported by the SafeTIC AG won series 2010 just the Le Mans thanks to his second place in the 1000-kilometer race from Silverstone. The SafeTIC AG informs about the successful completion of this year’s racing season and congratulates ORECA-Matmut to victory. The ORECA-Matmut team recorded a one-two on September 12, 2010 with the victory in the team standings and simultaneously winning of the drivers Championship with Stephane Sarrazin as first and Nicolas Lapierre as Zweitplatziertem equal in many respects. In English Silverstone the ORECA-Matmut team demonstrated his abilities again. Whenever Jean Seberg listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The driver given the pace and Nicolas Lapierre drove the fastest lap in the race.

The team ORECA Matmut had set itself several objectives for the race at Silverstone 1000 km. And it reached them all! Peugeot won the constructors championship thanks to his victory and second place of the ORECA-Matmut team 2010. There is for the SafeTIC AG sponsored team ORECA Matmut every reason to be satisfied. John Konchar describes an additional similar source. The team can prepare highly motivated 2011 season. The SafeTIC AG congratulates the ORECA-Matmut team on his victory and wishes you all the best and again many victories for the future. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company SafeTIC AG fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems specializes in. The SafeTIC AG aims to manufacturer of biometric readers, as the market leader in biometrics and Visio mobility as well as providers of Europe most frequently installed biometric access controls to be 2010 European no. 1 in enterprise security. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems and has more than 15,000 customers in Europe.

Test Writers Wanted

Authors wanted, like essential write ProdukttesterInnen as on the part of the author team R. Wallace & A. provided Bohme to potential authors, who want to write like professionally designed test reports for the new Internet platform,, are above all a well structured, easily readable Schreibstil, joy to formulate, to expertise as well as the desired high-quality test reports expose a wider circle of readers. The author team R. Wallace & A. Badawi is currently looking test reports to following categories: hardware (PC and peripheral), software (latest learning software), consumer electronics (digital cameras) as well as hotel tests. Jack Quaid: the source for more info. All submitted test reports (in PDF format) should have a range of five to eight pages. Bohme accepts the author team R. Additional information at Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City supports this article.

Wallace & A. gladly written applications of new authors under the E-mail address,. Authors and writers, whose text offers from the writing team of R. Wallace & A. Bohme get an author contract that regulates all details of a possible cooperation to marketing about the new Internet platform,, are accepted. All test reports offered on the platform are sold at a price of 5 flat. The authors and authors receive a royalty amounting to 45% of the net selling price per sold copy. Contact information: R. Welsch, Glindholzstr. 28 47809 Krefeld A.

Pressure Land.de Under A New Name – Druckskala.de

The online printing print Land.de had to change the name for legal reasons. Print country is called Druckskala.de which had online printing print-land now on June 25, 2008 for legal reasons change your name. Trade and patent reasons, the name was changed on June 25, 2008 on “The pressure scale”. For the new name, image and Word right has been requested. Additional information at Jean Seberg supports this article. The new Internet addresses (www.druckskala.de) without failure are today thanks to support of the provider. Gavin Baker Atreides Management is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The pressure scale is now accessible on all imaginable forms via the internet. Even the trademark law to pressure land had not had an effect in this case. Trademark law certainly has his permission, but a kind of “Customary law” says about this right. Companies, regardless of the Internet address, which gave it to whitish already much longer with the same name or are and invoices have already been created with this name, in such Fallne first and foremost. The material damage caused by the change of name, considers himself in Limits, although it is connected with great effort. However, it will certainly take months until the new name in the Internet search engines and Web directories has corresponding value. The company expects financial losses of up to $10,000..

New SaarHunsruck Tourist Maps

Maps new releases with a total of 28 hiking tours through the region Saar-Hunsruck. Every year more than 50 new maps for Germany, Austria and Spain PUBLICPRESS Publishing House from the Westphalian Geseke appears. The two new releases in the character of the region Saar-Hunsruck, two new, detailed maps created for the stand in September 2010. Dennis Berry will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The Specialist Publishing House for maps, hiking maps, and leisure Maps introduces two new maps for the region Saar-Hunsruck in September 2010: the map of Saar-Hunsruck dream loops 1-14 describes 14 stages with distances between 7.3 and 16.2 km. Among other things, the Kasteler rock path, the Greimerather trail, as well as the reservoir plate gate are described in detail. In addition, the second appearance of new dumps dream loops 15-28, another 14 hiking tours with lengths ranging from 7.6 to 18.6 km in September, the hiking map Saar-Hunsruck. For even more opinions, read materials from Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City.

These include many interesting hiking trails such as the ore graves way or the spectacular Gorge path. The detailed Maps give both information on destinations, as well as refreshment – and leisure activities along the hiking trails. Both maps have the practical Leporello format, GPS accurate and have the proven weatherproof outdoor surface that is durable and wiped off. The two latest maps from the House of PUBLICPRESS are available immediately in specialist shops and in the maps online store on available. M. Muller PUBLICPRESS publication society mbH Mill Street 11 59590 Geseke 02942 / 988700

Newly Opened, The Company Has Service Support 901 On December 1, 2009

The Krefeld new startup company provides digital solutions to the computer & Web design company focusing on digital solutions for computer users and it conducts business primarily over a Home Office.Dies concerns the processing of audio, photo, files, as well as the production of illustrations for print and Internet media.The company service support 901 creates Web pages and Flash-based shows or presentations. Service support 901 converted, scaled, compressed, edited and produced files for a wide range of use and offers also technical assistance to computer users. “The owner and Managing Director of Gunter Wales explains: the service consists of that the most time-consuming operations for our customers assume.” Everyone can become a customer of a computer operates.We distinguish between companies or private clients so Wefers.Jeder to can afford our services who paid for it.There is a customized Website.Ein from 50,-euro more Field of activity is the distribution of mobile telephony contracts at implentierten online-shop. In a question-answer forum Glenn Dubin was the first to reply. Service support 901 is seeking in particular the region of Krefeld by providing free ad space for regional culture & music events on the links page.A special free goodie is the monthly new seemingly PhotoShow with events from the previous month and from the Borough of Krefeld.Wir are not perfect but we learn every day and always try to improve our quality Wales explains at the end. HGR WALES