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Paramedical as a valuable complement to traditional medicine melting Hutter village paramedical hardly compared with the known conventional medicine, as it has a completely different starting point than this but she should not be underestimated in their effect. Of para medicine include, for example, hypnosis, Reiki, Chakra energy healing, meditation. Sylvia Poth says: If one embarks in reliable and professional treatment, where not profit, but the welfare of the clients at the highest level, is to say nothing against the para-medicine on the contrary. Through the various applications that should always be adapted to the specific needs of the client can be activated the body’s self-healing powers and can be found back to inner balance and harmony.” Jessica Hund continues: of course you must not expect miracles, if also sometimes amazing projects. It must be just in the life of the people and his destiny, whether he is cured. But even if only”the General “Increased well-being or weakened disease symptoms are, is this even a good and not to indicates success.” Sylvia Poth next: the practices applied in the paramedical may appear some perhaps mysterious or be stamped as a hoax.

But is conventional medicine not just with a cult? If many patients see a doctor in the white coat, they trust this blindly and believe all of his statements no matter whether they are positive or negative. Not for nothing called a demi-God in white”. Unfortunately the self-healing in the medicine still a role far too low, and most doctors are the great influence of the subconscious mind to heal itself even not aware of. Because otherwise doctors would better make to their statements and discourage patients with negative statements. Because mind and soul in each disease play such an important role, permanent negative statements are poison for the patient.

Many diseases are also Stress, grief, or existential angst. Doctors would give courage to their patients and strengthen their courage, so much could be achieved.” Jessica Hund said: it is important that conventional medicine realize that disease affects the entire people and not just a diseased organ. Instead of treating just the symptoms, it is at least equally important to explore the causes and treat the disease holistically and at the root of their creation. Of course, conventional medicine is very important and irreplaceable in the task pane, but it’s not all just.” Sylvia Poht interjects: the first step to healing is to take himself and his illness. Also can alternative treatments such as relaxing therapeutic massage, where the skin is gently touched, trigger a comforting feeling of security in the patient, so the self-healing powers can develop their full effect. The same happens with the meditation, where the spirit is strengthened. Because the power of self healing is located in the Centre of the spirit in the Subconscious mind.” Jessica Hund says: since the para medical is a wonderful complement to conventional medicine, it would be in the sense of an optimal treatment for patients when doctors and cure volunteers would work together. So you might raise an optimally balanced treatment to the patients.”

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The retail sector protects its seller which is done via the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, so through breathe normal transmission of influenza viruses, sneeze or cough. Because people frequently touch on her face, the droplet onto the hands and go from there on items or directly by touching other people on their body. A person so has more contact with other people (E.g. seller in the supermarket), higher is the risk of infection. Initially even simple hygiene rules sufficient to prevent such as regular hand washing. Daily business does not allow but often time these hygiene rules, because customers want to be served. The industrial special products to protect of the hands offers such as for example, antibacterial hand cleansing gel without water applied can be, fully effective against the H1N1 virus and are dermatologically tested.

Bernd Zimmermann, Managing Director of sales and marketing at CCM GmbH in Overath, a Manufacturer of such products: in the past few weeks, we get a very strong demand for these products from home and abroad. Large companies take measures now obviously, to protect your employees.” The timing is right, because the influenza viruses at colder temperatures are far more viable than in summer heat. At temperatures of around 20 C, dried viruses can survive on surfaces normally two to eight hours. At a temperature of 0 C more than 30 days and the ice they are almost over life without restriction. For more information,


There is no best way to start in any business venture under a known brand. Why mundoFranquicia Consulting, the leading consultancy in franchises of our country, gives its already known and expected tour of informative sessions by several Spanish cities with the intention of bringing closer the possibility of developing their own business under the umbrella of the franchise to new entrepreneurs kick off. With these encounters we want accurate information to who shuffled the idea of starting a business to make it through security that can provide an already recognized brand and with an already created image says Mariano Alonso, managing partner of tranquillizer consulting. Increasingly those who decide to choose this way of business to get into the business world, since they are backed by a set of products and services demanded in the market. City by city as well things these meetings calendar is distributed as follows: Madrid (June 1). This meeting, organized in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and which starts at 1630 hours on the Bank of the Loire 56-58 Street (for more information call 91 538 37 03 or write to), will attend the following franchises:Atendo (assistance to elderly) Atlanta investment (investors in hospitality franchise) bioimaging (aesthetics and personal care) cant (nursery school) 5Sec (dry cleaning(, arrays) Dehesa Santa Maria (hospitality) La Tableria (hospitality) Mantero.

(home), innovative woman (advertising, marketing and Internet) Nemomarlin (nursery school) bakery Roldan (bakery and pastry) prey (vending, advertising, marketing and Internet) Pressto: dry cleaning, arrangements Segurimagen (clothing, protection and safety at work) only rentals (rental property) Tavern Volapie (brewery, tapas) Tailor & Co (textile arrangements), Top Ten (Cafe, ice cream parlor) Unide (power). Then reach the turn Malaga (June 8) and Seville (June 9). In these three places the structure of events is as follows: 1) Presentation de las Franquicias by a consultant of mundoFranquicia Consulting: it will have a duration of 60 minutes and will feature an introduction by the local institution and a presentation that will be borne by one of the consultants of tranquillizer of each of the business models that are part of the encounter. With this block we seek that attendees are instructed on what are processes that are held in a franchise. Guide them so they know what to do and what steps in order to have your own franchise and of course, know to exploit it.

Work tables custom and individual of each flag: the ensigns who attend each day make it uniquely in its sector and will have a table which can be answered by individual and personalized way to entrepreneurs advising them on existing proposals.

European Healthcare Business

Russian investors, interested in pharmaceutical and medical assets, acquiring more targets in Western Europe more and more Russian investors and Pharma companies are interested in Western European healthcare and Pharma / OTC targets. Nowadays the CIS and CEE pharmaceutical markets develop very well, mostly above 15-17%. However the markets are still dominated by more than 80% of imported products from Western Europe, Asia and the U.S. will this change? Will what change? We at Chameleon Pharma consulting notice that more and more Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Kazak investors and Pharma cooperations are interested to acquire healthcare or pharmaceutical products and companies in Western Europe. Some players like the Slovenian KRKA group have already made a move towards ‘west’ some years ago. They bought the German pharmaceutical company TAD in the North of the country.

Others Russian investors are currently on “a pharmaceutical & medical company target shopping tour” in Europe. However Russian investors seam to be “slow movers” to invest into medical or pharmaceutical companies in Europe. This may happen due to the lack of market knowledge or other reasons. “Howerver find investments in Europe could definitely bring innovative products and techniques to the Russian healthcare market and investors could benefit from long term stable profits, say Reiner Christensen, the CEO of Chameleon Pharma consulting. “We, Chameleon Pharma consulting, had many interesting discussions with Russian investors during last months but Russian players need to be quicker in the diligence execution”, says Andreas Masel, the Pharma of Chameleon Pharma consulting veteran. US and Asian investors seem to be faster so far to decide on innovative healthcare investments in Europe and thus earn the advantages from these smart steps. Andreas Masel adds, “I would recommend Russian investors, interested in pharmaceutical and medical assets, balancing their portfolio and acquiring more targets in Western Europe. This could also bring good technologies to the CIS & CEE markets.”