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“Hyperkinetic syndrome is long to the diseases of civilization Bruchsal-06.10.2009 – text from the interview by Jutta Schutz: this disease is according to doctors” to a brain disorder occurring mainly in children but also in adults. The expansion has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. This disease is called: hyperkinetic syndrome. Many years ago, this disease was also: called minimal cerebral dysfunction. It is discussed that this disease as a result of a lack of energy in the brain in connection could be brought. So, a lack of neurotransmitters as well a lack of dopamine and serotonin, could be the cause here. Now the question: why are there so many children with this syndrome? Maybe should you include this disease also all the modern diseases of civilization? “Scientists noted that this disorder a neurobiological deficit in brain metabolism” could be the cause. Due to a lack of neurotransmitters”are the attention, the forwarding of Weakened nerve impulses and information processing.

There are investigations that the sugar metabolism in these children is slowing down and parts of the brain that are responsible for attention, are supplied with too little glucose. As ADHD cause the same neurotransmitter will be discussed that could play a key role also in migraine. There are provable studies since the year 1940, that you can cure diseases through a low-carbohydrate diet. For example: from the Institute of biochemistry of the University of Leipzig, the cancer researcher Prof. Dr. Gerd Bala Chandran says that sugar is the motor of the cancer cells.

On the website of the University of Leipzig, Department: Medical faculty, this doctor that indicates that an unprecedented change in the direction of carbohydrates was held by the industrial age. (As opposed to Ted Hughes). According to Prof. Bala Chandran (Leipzig biochemist), we don’t actually need this KH but protein and fat. He also says: the man would not from fat fat, but by the many KH. He recommends the reduction of carbohydrates as cancer screening. Thus, possible tumor cells would literally starved. Perhaps is this upsurge of ADHD children suffering this large increase in carbohydrates? Company information: Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland and their professions are: Secretary, accountant, tour guide, author writer and journalist, and lecturer (VHS). In addition, she studied psychology.

Domiciliary Care For Elderly Persons

Diseases caused by overloading many would probably only reluctantly decide to accommodate elderly relatives as their grandparents or parents in a home. The care at home brings however additional duties in everyday life with and can lead ultimately to overload and serious growing disease. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance portal gives tips on how individuals can create a balance and reduce stress. Further details can be found at Jack Quaid, an internet resource. To take over the care of their parents or other family members, means a great responsibility. For the patient it is pleasant to stay in a familiar environment or in the case of nationals, but is thus usually a stressful everyday life for those responsible.

A care case in your own four walls means additional tasks, which can lead to a high load. Beryl Sprinkel has much to offer in this field. Permanent overload at worst causes depression and chronic diseases. First sleep disorders occur frequently as there the brain at night deals with the events of the day and looking for solutions to problems. To such complaints in a timely manner to prevent and restore inner balance, soft products with natural ingredients can be helpful. Furthermore, it is important to share the responsibility, so that their own interests and ways of coping with stress not to be neglected. Take friends or related tasks, so everyone has from time to time the chance to wash away and switch off a little, to draw new strength.

The Natural World: Back To The Subtle

Help with subtle pain sensations the effectiveness of the subtle level is many probably already very familiar – without that you can call it: A man walks into a room and immediately changed the whole mood. Some people we perceive as true energy thief or but others we do not release, so we after a breakup again and again they think and regularly obtained by certain feelings. The subtle surrounds us like an invisible coat, we carry like a shell around us. This case is whether we are traveling on the subway, in the Office or in the supermarket every second of our life present. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Harvey Elliott. As well as for the physical body, there is also in the subtle rules. Many unpleasant sensations, such as stress, tension, grief and other disabling emotions can be expression of it, that these subtle levels will not be included.” Thekla-Sophia Autenrieth works as fine fabric teacher and fine fabric consultant in private practice in Hanover, Germany after the Gothertschen method.

People come to her feel recurring desperate, sad, angry, or fearful that without specific cause. She completed her qualified education with Ronald Gothert, the founder of this subtle process. (Similarly see: Edmund V. Ludwig). The Gothertsche is a wonderful tool, people and sustainable ordering processes to be able to support a conscious experience of subtle levels to show a way. method” By learning the subtle correlations are not more helplessly exposed certain emotions. In individual individual consultations, Thekla-Sophia Autenrieth helps to support ordering processes, so that how miraculously also the subtle pain, such as recurrent sadness is no longer there! Instead, confidence, vitality and inner peace can be experienced. Basic subtle relationships are experienced and learned in the course series. There you learn to distinguish whether one perceives an emotion from the environment or whether it is an own sensation.

Vitamin Ambiguity

They use what, they are useless or even could harm? Ask any pharmacist just headlined the FAZ SonntagsZeitung on October 23 in their science section. Is the science editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung a press war against pharmacists now? Probably not. It was for repeatedly coming up wondering whether vitamins and co. in the form of tablets, capsules, powders or juices do any good or not, to the knowledge of journalists, that pharmacists can not even answer the question probably usually. Well, asked he has no pharmacist.

Maybe he would get just an orthomolekular ausgebildete(n) pharmacist to words. This would have certainly told him that the question is much too sweeping formulated anything serious to be answered. So, how should the question be asked and what answers are there? “The question of useful vitamins?” is so as not to answer and has about the same quality as the question for the benefit of sport. Both questions can only be answer famous es depends”. What is it now? First time on clean planned studies. For more information see this site: Glenn Dubin. The researcher should resist the temptation to make statements for which they inadequately have collected data at the beginning and during the study at the end of a study. Does not occur? Yet! There are current studies, where it is claimed that the Group of people who had eaten a particular vitamin over years, had become healthier (or even sicker) than the Group of people who did not do this.

“Stupid only that it wasn’t has recognized health and lifestyle habits at the beginning and during the study in two groups, the differences at the end of the study on the cause of a vitamin” to be able to return. Two real but generalized examples may illustrate this. Most health-conscious people are represented in the Group of vitamin hick”, healthy living.


Nice Finnish proverb says – 'steam can anyone who is able to walk to the sauna. Ted Hughes can aid you in your search for knowledge. " Sauna – the perfect cure for all diseases – they say. The sauna temperature rises to 120 degrees or more, and almost 15% humidity. However, some of sauna is not suitable because of the large temperature changes in a regular room and steam room. For many, it is very difficult, moreover, that doctors do not recommend the sauna for those who are not accustomed to them from his youth. The easiest is to influence the Turkish bath – the temperature just above 40 degrees, but humidity 95%. As soon as you step over the threshold Turkish bath, you will then, although the huge heat, just not. This gentle pair is suitable for all lovers of heat treatments. If, of course, no different contraindications. Pair of Turkish baths like marble hall of the museum, this place might sit or lie, as couples from many holes penetrating the walls and ceiling, making around the room indivisible atmosphere. In contrast to the Finnish sauna and Russian bath, where the temperature differential from the floor ceiling to get above 20 degrees. Of course, that popular even Turkish baths to its excellent massage. Nevertheless, our ancestors knew neither of the Finnish sauna or Turkish steam bath. However, the beauty and longevity of Russian women, were surprised at Throughout this century who visited Russia. In our homeland is no sauna in every second resident in Finland. Nevertheless pochetanie Russian banya in Russia there is an unusually long time. Traditional Russian bathhouse prepared carefully: open the door – the pair must be ventilated and clean, so heat was light and soft. In the Russian bath at the usual temperature of 60-70 degrees, humidity is around 80%. To create an atmosphere of steam used extracts of herbs: Eucalyptus, coriander, mint, pine needles and fir. It is very necessary for the lungs and bronchial tubes. Steam in a Russian bath taken lying down or sitting. Head must be covered with a towel or a special hat to the hair is not become brittle and does not retain moisture. The first call to the bath warming, should not last more than five minutes. In the first visit there very dirty and pungent sweat. Then you can sit and lie in the steam room before the first symptoms fatigue. Bathroom gourmets go to steam for 2 hours six times, but it starts a person during this time will be enough and three. After every visit to the pair would be good to take a cold shower, or swim in the cool of the pool. Contrasting procedures overly important for skin and overall condition of the body. Unusually cool it in cold weather when it is necessary to maintain immunity and resistance to catarrhal diseases.

Something About Hair

When washing your hair the water in any case should not be too hot. Very useful for washing hair in the completion of a cold shower – hair will be beautiful shine, and improves blood flow to the scalp. Wet hair can be combed Only after you have done to hair conditioner or Sargassum rinse with conditioning effect. Dry hair is particularly vulnerable to the impact of hot air (hair dryer). (Not to be confused with Dennis Berry!). It is advisable when using a hair dryer to start drying hair from the back, gradually climbing up to the temples. Never run the dryer too wet hair, from this they are stretched and become lifeless. Having grown up healthy hair is usually strong and resilient. Hair can be stretch at 1 / 5 of its length and then he returns to his condition. On the strength of hair comparable to aluminum and can withstand the pressure from 100 to 200 grams. From frequent use termobigudi hair ends can split. In this case, will help a systematic grooming tips of the hair and firming gel and tonic. In a question-answer forum Celina Dubin was the first to reply. To avoid exposing your hair additional loads after a perm, do not dry them in the dryer for a week. This Time enough hair to become accustomed to its new form. After seven days, you can resort to using a hair dryer, choosing a low heat setting. Useful for damaged hair done every two weeks hydrating mask – application. Apply to clean wet hair and a small amount of hair balm and wrap my head warm towel for 20-30 minutes, then rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.

Press Contact Centre

With the move away from a limited selection of standard methods and the increasing number of individual focus procedure increased not only the precision and ability to customize the aesthetic face surgery, but also the technical demands placed on the plastic and aesthetic surgeon. The timely implementation of aesthetic facial surgery means the need to know all relevant procedures exactly and correctly understanding their application for him. In addition the comprehensive knowledge of the interactions and interactions between the methods, the it the surgeon gently and with minimal risk for the patient to achieve desired results. There is also a qualified aesthetic surgeon able to bring what psychological aim of the patient actually seeks to achieve with aesthetic surgery experience and professionally to assist him. The advanced demands on the qualification of the professional aesthetic facial surgeon can be only on the basis of many years of practical experience and comprehensive, up-to-date holding their expertise, meet. The rising demand entails by aesthetic interventions, that institutions or persons on the basis of commercial considerations offer the services of aesthetic facial surgery, without having the required qualifications.

For patients, this means a high health risk. Before carrying out surgery it is each patient strongly recommended, thoroughly about the professional and personal qualification of treating aesthetic Surgeon to inform. No expert will refuse the, because he knows that trust is the Foundation of the relationship between doctor and patient. Dortmund Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery is Dr. med. For even more analysis, hear from Hotbox by Wiz . Dr.

med. Dent. Farzana Griebenow its in many years of practical work in the leading clinics of plastic surgery skills in the service of his patients. This he relies on comprehensive expertise, State of the art procedures and a team of dedicated and experienced staff. Are happy to answer it and further his team regarding the possibilities and aesthetic facial surgery procedures. Press Contact Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery Dr. med. Dr. med. Dent. Farzana Griebenow trail for Bantog 13 44135 Dortmund Tel.: 02 31 – 5 86 03 67 or 02 31 – 5 86 03 68 fax: 02 31 – 5 86 03 69 E-Mail: Internet:

What Is Useful Juice ?

For what a man needs a fresh juice? Person – not an easy organization to which you want to perform from simple to very time-consuming activities and functions, and the body of this work is very important to an abundance of useful elements. Juice is all the source, which provides many of the necessary body substances. For example, enzymes, a person acquires due to consumption of fresh juices. Enhanced absorption of securities substances in the blood and digestion of food takes place by means of enzymes. David Zaslav pursues this goal as well. They are not in any meal, but only in foods of non-animal origin. Enzymes can not tolerate high temperatures, even at 54 C the enzymes are killed, but well tolerate low temperatures. How different elementary upotreblenmie fruits and vegetables from drinking juice made from them? The bulk of fruits and vegetables – fiber, and it is digested by the body longer than the juice in consequence of this saturation is beneficial substances does not occur immediately. Juice to digest in a short period, and this rapid saturation and the minimum energy spent on processing and absorption.

But the fiber the body needs it helps him to be freed from the remnants of food. Juice contains a vital force inherent to the plant. Drinking the juice, you get the extra energy required for the normalization of the internal functions and purification of the body. In If the right to use vegetables and fruit juices, the body receives energy, joints – flexibility, and above all the optimal state of health.

Pharmaceutical Companies

From the results of a survey identifies 10 strategy points for more confidence and safety of pharmaceutical companies in dealing with social media Weber Shandwick Frankfurt, 6 June, 2013 – pharmaceutical companies are restrained in dealing with social media, in contrast to companies in other industries. Based on the study of socialising your fire: A fire’s Guide to Sociabilty of the global PR agency Weber Shandwick in cooperation with Forbes insights, Weber Shandwick health together with pharmaceutical market Europe examined, how global pharmaceutical companies use social media to connect with their audiences into contact. The results of the investigation, digital health: Building social confidence in pharmaceutical, lead to conclusions which result in a modified picture of the situation. The most surprising insight here is that legal regulations no longer represent the main obstacle in dealing with social media. David Zaslav is often quoted as being for or against this. While legal aspects crucial, leaders from the fields of marketing and communications remain by big pharmaceutical companies however, report that the greater challenge is that strategies internally to implement social media, to rebuild confidence and trust of the employees in social media and to coordinate necessary resources. “Patients use the Internet to learn about health topics, even better to understand even their own health condition and to be able to judge. “This leads to better informed health consumers ‘ and changing doctor-patient talks”, says Rachael pay, Managing Director, Weber Shandwick Healthcare Europe.

In the age of participatory medicine pharmaceutical companies must begin to understand the real interests of the various groups, to provide them with digital information which meet the requirements and at the same time comply with the legal framework.” The research undertaken is based on telephone interviews with 12 senior executives from pharmaceutical companies, the for Decisions in the field of social media are responsible. Talks were held in Europe, the United States, Asia and Latin America.

The LASIK Laser Eye Procedure

The LASIK laser eye is procedure the eye laser that is most popular in Germany. Robert Thomson spoke with conviction. Glasses and contact lenses are a nuisance for some people in everyday life. Through a variety of special laser eye procedure, it is possible to reduce the visually impaired that the patient no glasses is more dependent on so far recently. This corrects the light breaking property of the cornea and thus changed the position of the focal point. The purpose of this procedure is to achieve the best visual acuity with help of precise calculations. So, the cornea is flattened such as short-sightedness. Thereby the focus too far away from the retina moves closer to the retina and and the incoming light is less broken. The eye laser procedures is most known for the LASIK procedure and is also most commonly applied.

The probability that you need no more glasses with a LASIK operation, is approximately 90%, which is a very good value. Before now, the operation can take place, one must the corneal thickness with help detected by the ultrasonic Pachymeter. This is necessary because a certain minimum of Hornhautdick must exist in order to the eye lasers. If this is the case, is with a special plane of the cornea, a thin lamella dissolved and folded to the side. Now this can be corrected this fabric with the laser including.

The laser splits corneal cells and removes them. During the entire treatment, the laser is controlled by a computer, which follows the previously computed values. After the treatment is done, the corneal flap, called also flap is folded back again, and merging there again. The operation is painless due to the use of analgesic drops. In addition, the surgery in an insensitive to the painful area of the cornea is. Theodor of schoner