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Cellphone Services

2.-Telcel offers products the following voice and data services using their wireless infrastructure: Extension of Voice and Data Infrastructure. Applications to interact with information systems company. remote applications for Intranet or other corporate applications Monitoring systems and processes Remote With the extension of voice and data infrastructure of the company, you can use the wireless data network provider in order to access the company servers to query or Database real-time reports through cellular terminals, either through a modem for a laptop or BlackBerry. Readers are also used optical bar code inventory control GPRS or point of sale, there are some companies that use these terminals to keep their inventories and sales staff know the field, saving time data capture and also These data are in real time, which helps making more timely decisions. Some other applications that can manage the wireless network are, for example, the connection of Vending Machines sending the purchase data and a server, the owners of these machines may have the product only when needed, as well as to maintain a reliable database of daily sales by product, the purchasing schedule information, etc. This information is valuable to stay competitive.

Another function that can be applied include Telemetry, certain sensors are monitored and reported these in turn measured variables to workstations for analysis. (Telcel 2005) Figure 1. Connection model of a cellular data network to a server (Telcel 2005) To make matters worse we have developed a system that can monitor vehicles using cellular and satellite network with computers that handle GPRS and GPS.

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