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China Prosperity

What we do know about China? What else? Sadly, few of us will be able to continue this series of associations. That's why we want to tell you about China – the great country that you can love or not love, it's really like anybody. It is not something David Zaslav would like to discuss. Just did not reckon with this country, not can not take it seriously. His words, according to my own observations, we will tell you a little about this and that, on various aspects of life in China, read, delve and ask questions if they arise. We try to answer such a way that was interesting to all. So, we nachinaem.Kitayskie note. Association.

Part 2: Probably the first thing that strikes one in China – is the abundance of red, not different shades, and a single bright red. Red China, it seems, everything of course, flags, signs, giant billboards, street advertising and flyers, lanterns and curtains in restaurants, food packaging, pack of your favorite national cigarette boxes expensive rice vodka, print documents, tickets to the museum … The red color in China, the Middle Kingdom, means prosperity, financial prosperity, good fortune and luck, love him in Chinese, probably in the blood because Old buildings of the Forbidden City in Beijing, NPM, which we describe separately, also entirely red. Girls are married in a red wedding dress, also greeted the new year in the red, grandmother, photographed on memory in the parks of culture in the national red robes, in artificial ponds is important to swim red fish …

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