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Unifying the BI tools through a standardization program has therefore become a mandatory program for companies. 3. the BI concept must be the sales view derived from, rather than a technology focus to characterize: even if the technical dimension in the BI projects is of vital importance, must be avoided, that it dominates in the concepts of realisation of. Landmarks must be rather the business requirements at the distribution level together with their processes. The current practice was however often influenced that not primarily the design of business intelligence processes derived from the sales requirements, but Conversely the BI tools largely the framework for action and the evaluation options defined. 4. Learn more on the subject from Vanessa Morgan.

specific industry solutions provide significant added value: as the BI requirements in the various market segments is sometimes starkly different and universal solutions also offer no optimal benefit, solutions should be used for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Not only among its benefits that they are precisely tailored to the needs, but also included is extensive industry best practices and they provide ready-made functionality. Last but not least as a result, their introduction is also significantly faster and less expensive than general solutions. Also individually designed developments offer no alternative, particularly in economic terms and the terms of the introduction. 5. comprehensive and quick processing of all relevant data as a core element of the performance profile: business intelligence must be as a control instrument and analysis – flexible Sales needs to consider. This includes a rapid deployment of data in demand-oriented variety. Therefore, the solution should be from the area of the information integration, building a data warehouse optimized for the structure of sales, marketing, finance, logistics, and personnel management up to depict for the connection of multidimensional analysis and comprehensive reporting solutions all relevant pharmaspezifischen issues and contexts. 6. a success-oriented sales management requires a sophisticated feature profile: because the pharmaceutical segments change dynamically, a modern control system of field staff in the position must be that flexibly align sales structures to be able to attract new customer groups and offer a system-based key account management.

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