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Email Marketing

One of the very, very old phrase and that once has played it out there is the of: the money this in the list or The Money Is In The List and to be in that list that form the database of names and emails of people is achieved through one page capture and is where we introduce the names and emails but usually are giving away information This can be any video, any audio, compacted information i.e. a book electronic, information of any advice etc. and in which we introduce our data and creates a list. This list is known as the list of prospects and we are going to communicate with them are going to form a relationship that is why is called email marketing that also is known as relationship marketing are going to communicate with them from 1 to 7 times to be able to realize that any leaflets buy a product or what you’re promoting. We communicate with them by means of an autoresponder with letters of tracking that previously we have automated and systematized and relationship marketing can use it in own products, products of affiliate in what you want you can apply.

Returning to relationship marketing are going to form a relationship with prospects are going to form a relationship and loyalty and through our follow-up letters to deliver value will give value and our program or products of affiliated have to be of great value because prospects see you you bring great value to them and some you will buy in the third follow-up letterother to 6 letter of follow-up and so now those prospects into customers. Then your follow-up emails you can send them and as know you that you contribute great value as most likely for you to buy any product related to your niche and this list is known in email marketing or marketing relacional as ATM because literally your you send an email follow-up to that list and you can literally make money. Then when someone tells you there than the money this in the list or The Money Is In The List lie! This relationship that forms with this list by That is relational Marketing because the relationship with that list is through emails or follow up letters and when you send an email to that list people they know you by the relationship that you have with that list..

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