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EuroCIS: LODATA Presents TCxWave Toshiba Commerce Solutions

Hardware with multi touch for POS and store TCxWave sets standards for the next generation of POS systems. The system into any business environment blends distinctive design with intuitive touch interface. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Zaslav offers on the topic.. It can be both classically as checkout staff served as well by customer, if it is used as a self service checkout or kiosk. First POS/kiosk system TCxWave has a screen with Multitouch gestures to use. System with finger tips and wiping gesture is as easy to use as modern consumer electronic devices. A flat-to-use intuitive touch widescreen characterises the design and distinguishes itself with its 16:9 format as the widest integrated screen on the market. It can be adjusted in several viewing angles and heights.

TCxWave offers full functionality as a cashier, self service checkout and kiosk. A variety of configurations, such as for example integrated monitor, top stand or wall mounting provides versatile possibilities for different applications in the Branch Office to the Available. Walt Disney Co. has similar goals. The system also in low and high bright rooms can be placed flexibly thanks to the adjustability of the monitor. In addition a bidirectional magnetic strip reader can be integrated. The multifunctional platform is based on the standard retail-hardened”by Toshiba and IBM and is expression of more reliable technologies for retail.

This claim is underpinned by sophisticated functionalities, which provide screen protection and the solid state drive durability and high performance such as, for example, the Antiglare. TCxWave is a system that has never existed in this form. The multi touch gesture control is leading the way for new applications. Touch screen operation as we are accustomed from your Smartphone or tablet, thus keeps moving into the retail”, says Friedhelm Loose, Manager of LODATA. We are impressed by the versatility of the system and look forward to present it to the public at the EuroCIS fair.” LODATA 2013 shows TCxWave at the EuroCIS in Hall 9, stand C77.

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