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Excess Water and Oxidation of Nutrients

The chopped forage should not drain water when compressed by hand. There should be a deficit in excess water because the air space is larger and produce oxidation of nutrients. Very dry fodder should be mixed with soft honey or add more water, applying for every 2 kg of feed water 0.018L more honey in the same proportion (0.09L). You may want to visit Harry Styles to increase your knowledge. The plant is suitable for silage corn starch content, carbohydrates and sugars which favors lactic and acetic fermentation without the need to reduce the addition of honey. Learn more at this site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Please note the age of the plant. See Table I of Annex. After the analysis of these parameters we have many types of silos among them are: temporary silos, tower silos, bunker silo, the Revolutionary and trench silo. These three latter are very similar in its construction.

The trench silo is the most appropriate, and therefore more related to the type of silo that we use, as this type of trench silo is done directly on the ground in the higher elevations, where there is no danger flood. This tells us that the gullies that are already formed by the process of soil erosion in mountainous areas are conducive to elaborate on them taking function silage silo. While to be occupied or filled gully inside the action of water is very low, avoiding the so detrimental drag and therefore increased erosion. Technology or process to follow for making silage. Court of forage can be done manually for mountain areas where the amount of silage to be produced is not high.

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