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In Old Japan

The initial contacts had been determinative for the choice of the Teamses Low and Portuguese, therefore until then, the research would go to follow only with the first teams. The used method of research was Verbal History, therefore ' ' it uses verbal sources in different modalities, independent of the knowledge area in which this methodology is utilizada' ' (STATUTE OF THE BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF VERBAL HISTORY, 1998). Five people had been heard who had been directly involved with the teamses, 4 (four) former-players and 1 (one) former-technician of the soccer teamses, therefore ' ' verbal history is a history constructed around people … brings history for inside of the community and extracted the history of inside of comunidade' ' (THOMPSON, 1992, p 44). The verbal data had been collected through interview and registered by means of writing and notebook of field. Beyond the stories, we use personal documents of the interviewed ones, as photos, images and documents. Interviews, of random form, Mr.

Raymond Mrcio Santana, of 54 years, that today are president of Liga Esportiva de Altamira (LOYAL). Mr. Valdeci castle Santana, of 48 years, co-founder and former-player of the Decrease (1979-1989). Mr. Nilton Cesar Alves de Melo, of 41 years, former-player (Years 1990). Mr. Joo Neri Da Silva, of 71 years, former-technician and current director of the Portuguese.

Finally, Mr. Edimilson Lacerda Blacksmith, of 58 years, founder and former-player (1985-1995) of the Portuguese. MEMORIES AND HISTORY OF the SOCCER the 3000 soccer appeared to about a.C in China. Throughout the centuries a popular sport became and passed to be practised in some parts of the world. In Old Japan one practical similar to the called soccer Kemari existed. In the Antiquity (Greece and Rome) one practical fellow creature to the called soccer Episkiro existed. In the Average Age something that if is similar to the soccer, however had the very violent matrix, was nominated of Soule or Harpastum.

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