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Shake their greatness graceful palaces and magnificent churches. And, of course, referring to the Italian resorts, one can not speak fluent Italian ancient sea around the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Winter in the northern part of Italy opened many ski resorts. Most popular ski resorts in Italy are mainly concentrated in the Dolomites – a natural reserve and the most beautiful mountains in the world. For more information see Joel and Ethan Coen. There's a whole 'mountain land' is called the "Dolomite Super Ski" – is more than 1000 km. modern equipped with ski slopes, with more than 4oo lifts. Dolomite Super Ski includes the most famous Italian ski resort of Val di Fiemme, San Martino di Castrozza, Tre Valli, Val di Fassa. At any time of the year in Italy working thermal spas where you can improve your health without drugs, using only natural healing waters and mud.

The whole territory of Italy is located in the zone of seismic activity. So there are many active volcanoes, is the location of geophysical Italy puts it in first place on the number of thermal springs in the Mediterranean. Andi Potamkin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The entire peninsula, as well as the islands of Sardinia and Sicily literally permeated with a network of channels of healing. Since ancient times people use the thermal water and mud to treat various diseases. In Italy, opened a lot of thermal spas, the most famous is – Abano Terme. He is known not only source of healing, but the beautiful villas with parks, gardens and fountains. Here have their own houses, celebrities. Ischia – pine and citrus groves, vineyards, lush flowering cactuses and small bays with sandy beaches on the island work unique centers of wellness, rejuvenation and rehabilitation, and all this without drugs and medical procedures are only used thermal waters and mud.

Monsummano Terms (the most famous cave with a hot 34 in Europe). Relax in thermal springs in Italy can be on the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Treatment can be combined with sightseeing and fun shopping. Now you know where to go to Italy and can easily be combined with shopping trips. Italian resorts will give you not only an unforgettable vacation, but also impressions of ancient monuments and natural beauty this sunny country.

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