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Lubrizol Engine

In the 1970s, with a view to reducing fuel consumption, the research department of the Belgian MARLY has developed a unique engine oil. Several years passed lubricant testing intense, yet on the market avtosmazok was not provided Engine Oil Gold. The main representative of the family of Gold is a fully synthetic oil S1 5W40. This type of lubricant is suitable for engines of any type, light diesel and petrol. At production of oil is used the best components of Lubrizol. Specific recommendations Gold S1 5W40 received for use in injection and multi-valve engines and engines with turbo-charged. By itself, a synthetic oil is characterized by excellent low temperature performance (you can use at -30 C), low volatility at high temperatures (400 C), fire resistance, thermal stability and chemical inertness and. Thus, chemical stability of synthetic lubricants do not allow to happen in the engine chemical reactions (parafinizatsii, oxidation, etc.) that degrade its performance characteristics.

This allows much reduce fuel consumption and increase the service life of engine parts. In turn, maintains optimal thermal stability of the viscosity at different temperature differences. This facilitates safe start-up engine in sub-zero temperatures and maximum protection of the load and at high speeds. The only problems that can occur when using synthetic oils Gold, observed in the breach and drain gets the grease foreign substances (which may be of special additives, coolant, etc.). At the same time is a loss of elasticity of the sealing elements, which leads to leakage of lubricant material from the engine. Also, the use of synthetic oil is not desirable in large deposits in the area and seal the surface of the engine. According to its characteristics this grease is detached sediments, which leads to clogging of oil channels.

It is a violation of the engine and the probability of failure. Motorists who chose this product, it is conservatives, first of all pay attention the reliability and durability of the engine reliability in continuous operation and the highest quality, which is recognized by all the world’s leading experts. Synthetic Oil Gold S1 5W40 has been tested and approved leading automakers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and others Has standards of quality API and ACEA; significantly reduces fuel consumption and oil consumption; extends engine life; protects from cold start reduces internal friction; no cost to quality. Choosing Oil Gold S1 5W40 – this is the choice of reliable engine, its protection and maximum durability.

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