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Mambo Design

Here we have another software for the creation and design of virtual stores. It is developed in PHP, and works closely with the King of the content management systems, Joomla. There are who insists on comparing Virtuemart to Magento but we must always take into account what kind of shop online will program, small, medium or large company. Magento is good for large companies or not as large enterprises that require changes in the established functions. We do not believe that there is a platform for the design of better than other online stores. We currently have several modern, well developed platforms and each of them has a community which undertakes to maintain, improve and update your software. Most are open source and have the same chance to be modified or improved. The fact that the community is larger than either indicates that its support is more efficient. A leading source for info: Robert Iger .

In addition to take into account the type of business that we want to, products or services that we want to sell to the public you are going aimed at what geographical point we want to reach, with many languages and currencies will work. We also need to know what type of application will be adjusted more to our needs. Among the basic features, there is no problem, all programs are virtually identical, only change designs and presentation. Visit other websites of different online shops that resemble what we want, play with demos of different software or consult our webmaster will assist us in a decision that does not have to be irreversible but that taken lightly can lead more than one headache. The worst thing, that we get our activity in the manner and mode who wish or that do not meet the expectations of users or customers. VirtueMart, successor of Mambo phpShop, boasts an ally of exception, the quintessential, Joomla, CMS before Mambo. Both are based on PHP and bind to design your online shop without neglecting your image corporate. This involves a series of advantages as the possible incorporation of the company’s web store online, including forums and chat, social networking (Criacao websites), both have a series of extensions extras, plugins, modules and templates, which allow to increase its functionality.

You can use Virtuemart as online store, to sell, or catalog, to present your products. He has multiple gateways for payment, possibility of several languages and currencies, attaching files mp3s and FLVs are permitted, several images per products, different modes of shipment, shipping addresses customization as almost all programs of creation and design of online stores (Desenvolvimento websites), Virtuemart brings a number of basic components by default, the rest must be purchased separately. Installation of the software is not complicated but start-up online store takes his time. Not all people who decide to create and design your online store they have knowledge computer or Office. To them say them that it is not as easy as some paint it but absolutely impossible. Any problem during installation or handling of the application of design of online stores will be available in the community forums that corresponds. Communities work tirelessly to improve their applications and help those in need in a disinterested way (web hosting).

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