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In the main view (Home), it appears the content that shares many of our contacts. Here, Robert Iger expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If there is somebody you do not want to see, simply you click in the right corner superior and chooses to hide. In the part of down there is a menu in which also you can choose to whom hide-and-seek of permanent form – or even, if you wish that they most frequently appear the publications of another person. 7. It deactivates notifications to the mail A serious problem is that Facebook usually saturates the mail to us. Following your criterion, it chooses what information is important so that they warn to you direct the mail. The basic thing, to seem, is to leave the warnings when it writes somebody you to the wall or it sends a message to you inbox. Also it is useful for the changes in an event to which already you confirmed your attendance.

Again, to form this part, you must enter to the account configuration, in the menu of notifications. clean mail is a happy mail. 8. It updates your information It seems a joke advice, but much people do not have updated her information. One of the functions of Facebook is to do networking, so it never is of more having a more or less complete profile with your last works, some areas of interest and a small biography. That yes, following your controls of privacy, you can animarte put data more sensible, as your telephone number or your account of personal mail.

It is to discretion. 9. It programs a maintenance The social networks must be taken care of and be updated with certain frequency. It follows these steps every certain time to take a clean profile. In my opinion, once every two or three months it must be enough. Tomato one hour to review the information that joint parties, your groups, your likes and other aspects. This one applies with anyone of your social networks. Don’t mention it serves to make a good cleaning if you are going later it to neglect. Finally, 10.sa Facebook responsibly! No we want to hear that because of the Facebook it passed tal o cual thing to you. No. As they say some wisely to us, the responsibility of how you use or you stop using your profile is yours. The idea is to find a balance between the opening of a social network and the security of the sensible information.

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